Europe celebrates International Girls in ICT Day

Europe is facing a critical digital skills shortage that has the potential to become a major economic headache. The latest figures from the European Commission predict a worrying 825,000 unfilled ICT jobs by 2020.

The tech industry needs to do as much as possible to encourage all young people to boost their digital skills. But at the moment, young women are at risk of being left behind. Currently, only 30% of the seven million people working in the European ICT sector are women, and that number threatens to dwindle further. We need to encourage more girls – half of Europe’s future talent pipeline – to cultivate their interest in subjects like maths, science and coding. And it’s our job to open their eyes to some of the amazing job opportunities that await them in the tech sector.

Programs like International Girls in ICT Day are vital if we are to capture the imaginations of young women and give them the opportunity to pursue digital careers. What’s more, increasing the number of women in digital jobs will ultimately help to drive Europe’s economy.

But to make a real difference, we must break down long-standing preconceptions that ICT simply isn’t for girls.

On 23rd April 2015, European countries will host events to do just that, as part of International Girls in ICT Day. We are working with partners and NGOs to run events in eleven countries, connecting young women to role models across the region, and providing opportunities to learn more about IT.

Check out what’s happening across Europe:

Through education, targeted training and introductions to female role models currently working in the tech industry, we can help to open up new digital doors to more girls in Europe.

Together with our partners and peers we’ll continue to search for more new ways to inspire young women and to equip them with the tools and skills they need to excel in tomorrow’s labour market. Success stands to deliver social and economic benefits to individuals, to local markets, and to Europe.

Let’s energise all of our aspirational young women to succeed in IT, as we celebrate International Girls in ICT Day.



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