Meet Kiril from Bulgaria – “The best lesson I ever had!”

Kiril Rusev is 28 years old and the creator of Jumpido. Born in Bulgaria. Graduated in the United Kingdom. Transforming education around the world. Kiril says that he always knew that technology was his thing, that it empowers him to do great things. And clearly it has! Launched in May 2013, Jumpido reimagines education by transforming learning into gaming while improving its efficiency and making it really fun. Undoubtedly, this is every child’s dream. Through the power of Kinect, Jumpido engages children with math and physical activity. Children are excited by the technology, thus increasing their attention and willingness to learn. The complex, and often considered boring, matter of math is easily translated into the kids’ language.

Microsoft played a very important role in making our products a reality. With Imagine Cup, Microsoft challenged us to dream of changing the world, and they gave us valuable knowledge, know-how, guidance, mentoring and last but not least – the contact with teachers. Our entire team is really inspired by the opportunities we have had and are absolutely excited at what the future holds for us.

And the future does look promising for the Jumpido team, proved by the amazing results that have been reported so far. Students in 16 countries around the world already use Jumpido, and students are reporting a higher interest in education as a whole. They participate willingly, their assessments increase and the whole attitude towards school and learning has improved. “Our kids really love it, especially the boys; we have had to make more lunch time passes as so many want to join in. The boys in particular like the competitive element, but we have found it good for their co-operation skills, as they work together to win the games. Basic skills have definitely improved both in speed and accuracy,” says Monique Anderson – Head of School, Lansdowne Primary Academy, in Tilbury, Essex, UK. Before starting Jumpido, Kiril’s team was engaged in the creation of another educational software, Envision, which was conceived as part of Microsoft’s Imagine Cup competition. Many schools are not able to use expensive technologies and technology in general is a kind of a luxury. That is why Envision requires just one computer per classroom, which the teacher uses. Children participate interactively through a computer mouse on their desk. Envision was a staggering success, making its way into the hearts and minds of more than 20% of Bulgarian primary school students and teachers. But for Kiril it all comes down to hearing simply, “That was the best lesson that I have ever had.” He added, “Children are very spontaneous and honest and hearing their happy voices makes me eager to get up in the morning and continue on my mission.”



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