Keeping families safe on Xbox One

If you’re one of the lucky families that has just unwrapped a brand new Xbox One on Christmas Day, you might want to read this handy setup guide. With the new Xbox Family Hub, it’s easy for parents to ensure the whole family can have fun with their new console while staying safe online.

The new hub features a step-by-step video guide on how to set up your console, alongside guidance on how to use family settings. Here are some easy tips to get you started!

Step One: Set up your Xbox One

The first step is simple – unpack your Xbox! Plug the power and HDMI cable into the appropriate sockets, taking care to choose the HDMI OUT rather than HDMI IN. Connect the HDMI to your TV screen and then switch on the power.

The Xbox One will then automatically launch a system update, which can take a little time. Plug any controllers into USB socket on the front to ensure they are fully up to date.


Step Two: Set up user accounts

Once your Xbox One is fully up to date, it’s time to set up user accounts. By setting up different accounts for children and parents, you can determine parental controls and purchasing options for each family member. This means youngsters can only see and download the content parents want them to, from the Xbox store and other applications.

Start by setting up your main parent account, making sure to use an email address that you can access often. That’s where you will get notifications on any purchases and updates related to your account.

Once signed in, scroll left to ‘Add & Manage’ to setup additional child accounts for the rest of your family. This is where you will set privacy and online safety settings, which children will be unable to change on their accounts.

Tip: If you have a Microsoft or Xbox account already, you can transfer your achievements over to your new Xbox One account. Just use your existing details to sign in. 


Step Three: Choosing the right settings

Once a child’s account has been set up, you can edit their individual settings through the ‘Family’ tab under ‘All Settings’. Select the child’s account and then ‘Privacy & Online safety’, where you can select from three default profiles – Child defaults (most private), Teen defaults (moderate privacy), and Adult defaults (more social options).

There is an in-depth explanation of what each profile can and can’t do next to the options, so take time to read through carefully. You can also customise these profiles, so parents can set up the best possible option for their family.

As well as setting up what your children can do online, you can also control what content they are allowed to see. Under ‘Access to Content’, you can specify that children can only access PEGI-rated content to a specific age – from age 3 to 18. The same ratings apply to games, films and other media content that can be accessed through the Xbox One.



Step Four: Install your games

Once everyone’s accounts are setup, go ahead and install the new games and apps from the Microsoft Store. Sit back and enjoy – now the fun really begins!

For more information on how to setup your new Xbox, watch the video below.

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