Satya Nadella talks AI at DLD digital conference

Satya Nadella, DLD, Microsoft

Satya Nadella has shared his thoughts on artificial intelligence at an event in Germany.

Microsoft’s chief executive took part in a “fireside chat” with Ludwig Siegele, technology editor of The Economist, at the DLD digital conference in Munich on Monday.

Nadella focused on the importance of responsive and responsible leadership in the era of AI, as well as the opportunities that can arise from humans and machines working together.

Brad Smith, Microsoft’s President and Chief Legal Officer, has also spoken at DLD.

DLD, which was launched by media company Burda Digital in 2005, will run from January 15 to 17 in Munich, as well as May 10 to 11 in New York. More than 1,000 participants are expected at next week’s event, which will also feature 70 panels as well as appearances by global business leaders and politicians.

Nadella has previously hailed AI, cloud computing and machine learning as powerful tools that can help people transform the world.


“We want to build intelligence that augments human abilities and experiences. Ultimately, it’s not going to be about human vs. machine. We humans have creativity, empathy, emotion, physicality, and insight that can then be mixed with powerful AI computation — the ability to reason over large amounts of data and do pattern recognition more quickly – to help move society forward,” he wrote in a blog for Slate.


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