Smart cities

Greeks get green – putting nature in citizens’ hands

Green spaces are fundamental to urban living. They provide us with places to exercise, socialise and relax. They also play a vital role in cooling our cities, improving air quality by removing smoke, dust and other pollutants from the air. Despite the considerable benefits, there simply aren’t enough green areas … Read more »

You can now do your shopping in the supermarket of the future

As Italy’s largest retail chain, Coop knows a thing or two about how people shop for food. Earlier this year the supermarket unveiled its vision for the future: a hi-tech market where sensors, robots, interactive screens and apps guide customers to their ideal products. Coop’s ‘Supermarket of the Future’ exhibition … Read more »

CITY SMARTS – Has your city got what it takes?

The rapid evolution of the smart city Not just another political buzzword, a ‘smart city’ has become something tangible that can vastly improve our lives. Any city properly supported by technology can transform– today – into a smart, intelligent ecosystem, capable of engaging with its citizens, empowering its employees, and … Read more »