Webinar: how to accelerate your GDPR journey


If you’re interested in how Microsoft can help you and your business prepare for the GDPR, you’re welcome to sign up for a free 30-minute webinar which outlines the basics of the GDPR, and what services can help. The video, which delves deeper into some of the technicalities of the regulations, … Read more »

Microsoft announces new renewable wind energy agreement in Ireland

Microsoft and General Electric (GE) have signed an agreement on a new wind project in Ireland which will see 37 megawatts of clean energy added to the Irish grid. This latest investment supports Microsoft’s commitment to building a responsible Cloud for Global good in the EU and Ireland, allowing more … Read more »

Meet the nanny helping Dutch DJs do more

What does a typical nanny do? A quick Bing search will show you that there is a long list of tasks most nannies do on any given day of the week: laundry, house work, cleaning, cooking, and of course taking care of children. Anywhere you go in the world chances … Read more »

Italy will win the Eurovision Song Contest, Bing predicts


A total of 42 artists across Europe (and Australia) are gathered in Kiev, Ukraine, and they’re all ready to battle it out at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. If you’re not one for shocks and surprises, then fear not, for Microsoft has unveiled Bing’s predictions for this year’s competition, slating … Read more »

Microsoft’s new Xbox Wireless Controllers pack some serious style

blue xbox controller

Team Xbox has unveiled two new Xbox Wireless Controllers with head-turning designs. The Xbox Wireless Controller – Ocean Shadow Special Edition (shown above) features a sleek matte black/light blue metallic blended finish, with glossy black triggers and D-pad, with light blue highlights accentuating the ABXY and menu buttons. Pattern fans will also … Read more »