Meet Europe’s challengers for the 2017 Imagine Cup World Finals

As Microsoft outlines in its A Cloud for Global Good policy roadmap, technology can empower us all, helping to improve our world in countless ways. From environmental sustainability, protecting human rights, empowering the disabled and disadvantaged, driving up literacy rates and much more, technological innovation has the power to make … Read more »

Italy will win the Eurovision Song Contest, Bing predicts


A total of 42 artists across Europe (and Australia) are gathered in Kiev, Ukraine, and they’re all ready to battle it out at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. If you’re not one for shocks and surprises, then fear not, for Microsoft has unveiled Bing’s predictions for this year’s competition, slating … Read more »

Microsoft’s new Xbox Wireless Controllers pack some serious style

blue xbox controller

Team Xbox has unveiled two new Xbox Wireless Controllers with head-turning designs. The Xbox Wireless Controller – Ocean Shadow Special Edition (shown above) features a sleek matte black/light blue metallic blended finish, with glossy black triggers and D-pad, with light blue highlights accentuating the ABXY and menu buttons. Pattern fans will also … Read more »