Central and Eastern Europe Leadership

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Joacim Damgard

Joacim leads Microsoft in Central and Eastern Europe, helping people, businesses and governments across 33 countries in the region take full advantage of digitization.

LinkedIn: Joacim Damgard

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Kostas Loukas

Kostas is responsible for the enterprise segment in Central and Eastern Europe. He leads a sales team across the region that accelerates digital transformation and empowers client success, leveraging both Microsoft and partner industry solutions.

LinkedIn: Kostas Loukas

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Evangelos Chrysafidis

Evangelos is responsible for public sector strategy in Central and Eastern Europe. He leads an industry and sales team which engages deeply and partners for the long-term with central governments, agencies and state-owned enterprises; helping find their digital transformation paths to resilience, innovation and a citizen-centric approach.

LinkedIn: Evangelos Chrysafidis

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Vincenzo Esposito

Vincenzo is responsible for building and developing the best and most innovative partner ecosystem in the region to empower and accelerate our customers’ digital journeys.

LinkedIn: Vincenzo Esposito

Peter King

Peter is responsible for small, medium and corporate customers across Central and Eastern Europe. He leads a truly international sales team that deeply integrates with our broad partner ecosystem, to support digital transformation and business value at scale.

LinkedIn: Peter King

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Alexandra Kokkini

Alexandra leads consulting services in Central and Eastern Europe. She focuses across industries and geographies on empowering customers on their digital journey; from envisioning new possibilities to delivering solutions that result in targeted business outcomes and a great customer experience.

LinkedIn: Alexandra Kokkini

Eugene J. Piric

Eugene is responsible for a team of highly skilled Microsoft technical and sales professionals that accelerate enterprise customer digital transformation journeys through innovative projects, using Microsoft Cloud solutions and services.

LinkedIn: Eugene Piric

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Norbert Biedrzycki

Norbert leads Microsoft delivery and customer success services across Central and Eastern Europe in key solution areas such as Cloud adoption, Azure, Data & AI, Infrastructure Modernization, Application Innovation, Modern Work, Business Applications, Cybersecurity and Premium Services.

LinkedIn: Norbert Biedrzycki

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George Louverdis

George is responsible for transformation and landing key changes in Central and Eastern Europe to build an agile organization with a culture of ambition and growth.

LinkedIn: George Louverdis

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Judit Fekete

Judit leads on people strategy in a uniquely diverse region. She is focused on attracting and developing talent as well as building a great culture and an exceptional workplace where people can bring their most authentic selves and do their very best every day.

LinkedIn: Judit Fekete

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Nanna Louise Wildfang Linde

Nanna Louise is responsible for all legal issues, as well as for relationships with governments and regulators in Central and Eastern Europe.

LinkedIn: Nanna-Louise W. Linde

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Guillaume Burfin

Guillaume oversees Area accountability for financials, statutory and compliance matters across all Microsoft commercial segments and products.

LinkedIn: Guillaume Burfin

General managers in the region

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Violeta Luca

Violeta leads Microsoft’s business in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

LinkedIn: Violeta Luca

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Theodosis Michalopoulos

Theodosis leads Microsoft’s business in Greece, Cyprus and Malta.

LinkedIn: Theodosis Michalopoulos

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Chris Mattheisen

Chris leads Microsoft’s business in Hungary.

LinkedIn: Chris Mattheisen

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Michelle Simmons

Michelle leads Microsoft´s business in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosna, Herzegovina, Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan

LinkedIn: Michelle Simmons

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Dominika Bettman

Dominika leads Microsoft’s business in Poland.

LinkedIn: Dominika Bettman

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Bogdan Putinica

Bogdan leads Microsoft’s business in Romania.

LinkedIn: Bogdan Putinica

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Kristina Tikhonova

Kristina leads Microsoft’s business in Russia.

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