Terry Myerson

Executive Vice President, Windows and Devices Group

Terry Myerson is executive vice president of the Windows and Devices Group (WDG). Myerson is responsible for the software platform, apps, games, store and devices that power the Windows ecosystem. This includes Windows, Surface, Xbox, Minecraft, Lumia and HoloLens.

Previous to WDG, Myerson led the Operating Systems Group responsible for Windows 10, the next generation of Windows that brings Windows to life across a broad family of devices from those with 4” screens to 10’ screens to no screens at all. He also previously led the Exchange team during which time it became the world’s most popular business communications system and foundation for today’s Office 365 service.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Duke University, Myerson founded Intersé, one of the first Web software companies, which Microsoft acquired. Myerson is a member of the board of trustees for Seattle Foundation, which is dedicated to making the greater Seattle area a stronger and more vibrant community for all. He lives in Washington state with his wife, three children and their golden retriever.

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