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The future of work

The world of work is changing. On the one hand we have incredibly high levels of worker disengagement and there are dire predictions that up to 50 percent of the jobs in the United States are at risk of automation in the next two decades, but on the other hand we have new companies creating value faster than at any point in human history, and we can all feel the potential. The closer we looked, the more we realized that the way we work has not kept up with the rapid pace of change in the world. To understand what was happening, PopTech and Microsoft Office Envisioning spoke to experts on the subject from around the world. Join us on our journey of discovery.

The Changing World of Work
The exponential growth of digital connectivity, devices and information is driving profound changes in the way we work, all around the world. In order to survive in this world, companies need to rethink everything from culture to tools and environments.
Watch “Episode 1: The Changing World of Work”

The Responsive Organization
Responsiveness is becoming the key to competitiveness in the ever faster moving and interconnected global economy. To succeed, companies need to shift their focus from efficiency of process to effectiveness of outcomes.
Watch “Episode 2: The Responsive Organization”

Elements of Responsiveness
In pursuit of adaptivity, companies are decentralizing decision-making and empowering their people with information. This increases engagement and enables continuous learning.
Watch “Episode 3: Elements of Responsiveness”

Working Like a Network
As the world becomes more interconnected, value creation is shifting from the individual to the collective. Resilient, high-empathy teams will drive the best business outcomes.
Watch “Episode 4: Working Like A Network”

Leadership in Transition
The role of the leader is changing, yet it’s more important than ever. To create adaptive organizations, leaders need to actively shape an open culture that fosters collaboration and builds trust.
Watch “Episode 5: Leadership In Transition”

The Social Workplace
When you can work from anywhere, why go to the office? Human connections and serendipitous encounters matter more than ever. Modern workplace design needs to be intentionally designed to foster collaboration and tacit knowledge exchange.
Watch “Episode 6: The Social Workplace”

A Spectrum of Spaces
Our future workplaces should inspire people to do their best work, both individually and in teams. They will provide a richer variety of spaces to support the full range of human activities and needs.
Watch “Episode 7: A Spectrum of Spaces”

Unlocking Creativity
Automation is changing the nature of our jobs. While many jobs will be eliminated, automation and intelligence will also help us focus our attention on what matters most, create new forms of value, and allow human creativity to flourish.
Watch “Episode 8: Unlocking Creativity”

Videos by Microsoft and Pop Tech. Text by Suzanne Choney.