Closing the Digital Literacy Gap, Grab Trained Over 379,000 Driver-Partners in Indonesia Powered by Microsoft

 |   Microsoft Indonesia

Microsoft dan Grab
  • Commemorating National Education Day, Grab strengthened their commitment to bridge the technology skills gap through digital literacy training to Grab’s driver-partners
  • As of April 2020, 379,000 active Grab driver-partners in Indonesia have completed Microsoft digital literacy training through the GrabAcademy platform and are entitled for certification in digital literacy

It is undeniable that the current global economy has entered the fourth stage of the industrial revolution or Industry 4.0, where technology plays a very crucial role. According to a study conducted by McKinsey, by 2030 about 14 percent of the global workforce may have to change their job categories as digitization, automation, and artificial intelligence would disrupt the job market. Therefore, Grab, as a leading all-round application in Southeast Asia, is working with Microsoft to reduce the gap in digital and technology skills with programs designed specifically for Grab’s driver-partners through GrabAcademy. As of April 2020, more than 379,000 Grab driver-partners have graduated and received Microsoft digital literacy certificates for Subject 1.

Neneng Goenadi, Managing Director of Grab Indonesia, explained that digital skills have become very important in order to compete in an increasingly developing society that is preparing themselves for disruption caused by Industry 4.0. “In line with GrabForGood’s mission to bring a positive impact of technology, GrabAcademy, together with Microsoft, organized an online training program where Grab driver-partners can access and participate in Microsoft’s digital literacy certification program through GrabAcademy in the driver-partner application (Grab Academy). The training includes topics such as basic computer science, how to use the Internet and productivity support software. We hope this can give our driver-partners the technology skills needed to develop in the digital economy,” said Neneng,

GrabAcademy, which was introduced in September 2018, is committed to increasing digital literacy in order to improve Indonesia’s global competitiveness. Referring to the previous industrial revolutions, disruption from technology is inevitable, yet it is estimated that there will be around 130 million new jobs due to the demand for new skills in the job market[1]. However, according to studies conducted by Microsoft and IDC, 14% of workers feel that learning new skills is a challenge. In addition, the gap in digital skills and technology infrastructure in Indonesia remains wide as many regions in the country have limited access to technology.

Haris Izmee, President Director of Microsoft Indonesia, said, “Indonesia’s strength is in the people and over the last 25 years, we are proud to have trained 18 million teachers and students to power the digital economy.  This initiative with Grab driver-partners reinforces our commitment to empower every person and every organization in Indonesia to do more, to  create an inclusive, skilled and sustainable society in Indonesia.”


The GrabAcademy and Microsoft Digital Literacy Program was launched in Indonesia in March 2020 and is divided into three main topics: Online Information Access, Using the Internet Safely and Responsibly and Managing Digital Content. In each topic, there are several sub-topics that discuss how to surf, protect yourself from online fraud, cloud computing, how to interact in Microsoft Word, and others. After completing the training, the driver-partner will receive a certificate from Microsoft and GrabAcademy that will be sent directly to their e-mail. In the future, Grab and Microsoft plan to add additional materials to this digital literacy training.

Two Grab driver-partners who have completed this training and received their certificates explained, “As there is a lot of information and insights that I didn’t know especially in terms of technology, with the digital literacy training at GrabAcademy I can learn a lot and broaden my horizons,” said Rafif Gumay. Franz Xavier, who is also a Grab driver-partner, admitted that he often opens GrabAcademy in his application, “I like to take part in the GrabAcademy training because I want to get information about new programs and knowledge provided by Grab. This program is really useful to help me develop. My goal is to open an online business, so this training is really useful.”

Digital literacy is a skill that can encourage individuals to continue to learn, change, and adapt to the rapid advances of digital technology. Grab’s collaboration with Microsoft is one of the first steps in preparing Grab’s driver-partners to be able to compete in the upcoming job market.

“Grab is committed to addressing gaps and limited access that can prevent our driver-partners from continuing to grow and obtain more opportunities to earn income. Seeing the enthusiasm of the driver-partners to continue learning, we hope that all the knowledge and training we provide can be useful to them and those around them,” concluded Neneng.