Pertamina offers online interfaith prayers during COVID-19 using Microsoft Teams

 |   Microsoft Indonesia


Indonesian oil giant Pertamina, one of the largest state-own enterprises, is embracing digital technology to help its tens of thousands of employees maintain its operations and company culture within the vast archipelago.

They elected to use Microsoft 365, which includes Microsoft Teams video conferencing technology, allowing its employees and contractors to be virtually connected, instead of being physically present at their respective offices.

Microsoft 365 is known as an ideal collaboration tool due to its security features and wide capabilities.  Microsoft Teams is now heavily used in the company for its meetings large and small.

Not only was it used for a national all-hands meeting for its employees, but the company also conducted an online interfaith prayer with all employees and their families throughout the nation. Prayers led by local religious leaders were conducted for Pertamina’s Muslim, Christian, Hindu and Buddhist employees.

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Pertamina President Director Nicke Widyawati opened the prayer session, noting that all efforts to manage and prevent COVID-19 have been carried out to the best of their abilities. “However, as religious people we must not forget about God, but to keep praying and asking that the COVID-19 outbreak ends soon,” she said.

Ms. Nicke invited all employees to bring together their spiritual energy as an inner strength to face the test of life. She also expressed her gratitude to all Pertamina employees for their unceasing enthusiasm in ensuring the company’s products and services continue to meet the needs of the community.