Empowering Teachers in Indonesia, PGRI & Microsoft Launches Gurulympics 2020

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The Indonesian Teachers Association of the Republic of Indonesia (Persatuan Guru Republik Indonesia – PGRI) and Microsoft today launched the Gurulympics 2020 Program at the graduation ceremony of the Innovative Teacher Training of Trainers (TOT) program.  This event also celebrates the organization’s 75th anniversary as well as National Teachers Day and was conducted virtually.

Gurulympics 2020 is a continuation of the TOT program that aims to encourage the spirit of learning and innovation for teachers through the use of technology that is expected to improve the skills of teachers and improve the overall quality of education in Indonesia.

As the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted various economic and social sectors in the country, the education sector has not escaped unscathed. Ever since the Indonesian government’s announcement of the coronavirus emergency, schools have been closed from face-to-face teaching activities from March 16, 2020 to today, marking more than 200 days students have studied using distance learning. So far, Indonesia has witnessed how big a role technology plays in realizing educational activities during the pandemic.

The TOT program is a joint initiative between Microsoft and PGRI that is aimed towards upskilling the teaching community.  The program began in June 2020 and was initially attended  by 6,985 teachers, which has now expanded to more than 100,000 teachers ranging from kindergarten to higher education from 34  provinces as well as Overseas Indonesian Schools in 13 countries.

This activity is in line with Microsoft’s mission to empower Indonesia to achieve more. The company is committed to helping improve the national education system by empowering teachers through the use of technology.

“Making technology accessible and increasing IT expertise is vital to help the education sector move forward in a time of change,” said Haris Izmee, President Director of Microsoft Indonesia. We are looking forward for this event to become a technology accelerator in the education sector and be a part of Microsoft’s contribution to empowering this country.”

One of the participants of the TOT program is Mr.  Kamaludding, S.Pd., a junior high school teacher in Bone Regency, South Sulawesi. Despite the challenges he faced, such as an intermittent Internet connection, he was determined to study and join the TOT Program.

“Through the TOT Program I not only learned about Microsoft 365 applications but also had the opportunity to meet virtually with other teachers where we helped each other exchange teaching experiences, tips and other ideas by utilizing Microsoft technology,”  said Mr. Kamaludding. “This was a valuable and rewarding experience not only for me but also for my students. The classes I teach have become more interactive even though they’re virtually implemented, and the tasks I provide can be easily monitored thanks to the help of Microsoft technology.”

Mr. Kamaludding is one of the teachers who attended the Class of Innovative Teachers program in South Sulawesi region 1, which was guided by master trainer Mr.  Syamsul Rijal, S.Pd., who is also a Principal at SMPN 13 Sinjai and has previously completed the TOT program.

“Teachers who receive this training can inspire and guide others leading to a snowball effect for the TOT program that will eventually spread to all corners of Indonesia,” said  Syamsul Rijal,  Principal  and TOT Master Trainer.   

By utilizing technology to support accessibility of education, digital transformation in the sector can be accelerated in accordance with the priority of education in the national development agenda (Nawa Cita), namely in improving its quality.

“The Gurulympics and TOT program will help increase the creativity and collaboration of teachers with their students throughout Indonesia.  We are proud to be working with partners such as Microsoft to further develop national education by providing access to industry standard technologies.  We want out children to be ready for the next level with the latest knowledge at their fingertips,” says Indonesian Teachers’ Association Chairwoman Prof. Dr. Unifah Rosyidi, M.Pd

“Microsoft continues to actively organize educational and training programs for teachers in Indonesia because we believe that by empowering one teacher, they will be able to empower all of their students for a better tomorrow,” concludes Haris Izmee.

A video of the event can be found on the PGRI’s YouTube Channel.


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