BSSN and Microsoft Partner for Threat Intelligence Sharing to Combat Rising Cybercrime in Indonesia through Cyber Threat Intelligence Program

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From left to right: Microsoft Indonesia Corporate Affairs Director Ajar Edi, Microsoft Indonesia Technology Director Panji Wasmana, Microsoft Indonesia President Director Dharma Simorangkir, BSSN Head Lieutenant General (ret) Hinsa Siburian, BSSN Deputy for Cyber and Crypto Security Operations Maj. Gen. TNI Dominggus Pakel, S.Sos., M.MSI, BSSN Director for Industrial Cybersecurity and Cypher Deputy IV Intan Rahayu, S.Si.,M.T., BSSN Acting Director for Cybersecurity Operations Deputy II Andi Yusuf, M.T.

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Jakarta, 10 August 2022 – Indonesia National Cyber and Crypto Agency (BSSN) and Microsoft recently announced a strategic partnership to work together through Microsoft’s Cyber Threat Intelligence Program (CTIP), a move that aims to strengthen the country’s infrastructure security against cyber threats.

With this strategic partnership, BSSN will gain access to Microsoft’s cyber threat intelligence in Indonesia, hence providing better insights into criminal cyber infrastructure. BSSN, in turn, with its network domain knowledge, can help in two-way sharing of intelligence to identify compromised infrastructure and alert impacted entities in the country to potential cybercrime threats.

“Microsoft’s Cyber Threat Intelligence Program is driven by our Digital Crimes Unit (DCU), an international team of technical, legal, and business experts created in 2008 to combat cybercrime on a global scale. Its expertise and unique view into online criminal networks uncover evidence used as criminal referrals to law enforcement agencies throughout the world. Microsoft DCU values our threat intelligence-sharing partnership with BSSN, and we look forward to better collaboration in fighting cybercrime in Indonesia,” said Mary Jo Schrade, Assistant General Counsel and Regional Lead, Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit Asia.

Since 2010, the DCU has collaborated with law enforcement and other global partners on 25 malware disruption operations worldwide, resulting in millions of devices kept safe from cybercriminals. Meanwhile Microsoft, through its CTIP program, has been collecting and distributing actionable cyber intelligence since 2013, including that derived from Microsoft DCU’s botnet takedown operations to Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs), Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and Critical Infrastructure Information Sharing and Analysis Centers (ISACs). CTIP data is also engineered into specific Microsoft products and services to help customers identify threats in their computing environments.

“We welcome and are excited to partner with Microsoft on the Cyber Threat Intelligence Program which can help improve our cybersecurity capabilities in preventing and mitigating cyber threats and attacks. Through this collaboration, we hope to fortify Indonesia’s cybersecurity for all sectors, be it government, vital information infrastructure, the digital economy, and the community. With this partnership, we hope to tackle the increasing threats and cyber-attacks or cybercrimes that occur in Indonesia,” said Maj. Gen. TNI Dominggus Pakel, S.Sos., M.MSI, Deputy for Cyber and Crypto Security Operations, BSSN.

Based on Presidential Regulation Number 28 Year 2021, BSSN carries out government duties in the field of cyber security and crypto to assist the President in administering the Government. In carrying out its duties, BSSN carries out cyber security operations through identification, detection, protection, response, recovery, and monitoring of national cyber security and crypto incidents, as well as national cyber crisis management. Based on data resulted from the monitoring carried out by the National Cybersecurity Operation Center (NSOC), BSSN recorded around 1.6 billion traffic anomalies/cyber-attacks in Indonesia in 2021, a 3-times increase compared to 2020. The cyber-attacks that have a technical nature such as malware, trojan activity, and information gathering are the most dominant types of cyber threats/attacks that occur in Indonesia. The newly formed partnership with Microsoft is now expected to strengthen BSSN’s operational processes, particularly in cyber threat intelligence and malware analysis.

With the collaboration with Microsoft, BSSN obtains cyber intelligence from Microsoft’s DCU in the form of information that can be used on its existing platform. Through this partnership, BSSN also gains access to the CTIP threat intel sharing program which can be used to share cyber threat information and access information about malware and botnet disruption operations carried out by the Microsoft DCU including data related to malware infections and compromised infrastructure.

“Trust begins with cybersecurity. No single company nor the most powerful of nations can win the cybersecurity battle alone. A multistakeholder partnership is thus essential. We are committed to supporting BSSN as much as we can by placing ourselves on the front lines of cyber defense, as well as by deploying our unrivaled technical and human resources in the common interest. Together, let’s empower safer cyberspace for Indonesia,” said Dharma Simorangkir, President Director, Microsoft Indonesia.

Globally, Microsoft will also invest $20 billion over the next five years to accelerate efforts to integrate cyber security by design and to deliver advanced security solutions.