Get to Know Nodeflux, Indonesian Homegrown Vision AI Solution

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For the avid action film fans out there, ever wondered how law enforcement officials always managed to trace and catch fugitives within minutes despite having to sift through millions of CCTV camera footage? With the help of facial recognition technology supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI), of course!

As the world sees an enormous, rapid growth of data, and an increase in computing capacity, AI enters a new phase. However, in its journey to becoming more practical, challenges remain. Developing and implementing computer vision applications, for example, is still complex and time-consuming. Nodeflux, Indonesia’s first and largest Vision AI company, strives to eliminate such challenges, simplify Vision AI solutions, and put it to real use.

Nodeflux’s flagship product, VisionAIre, is a computer vision integration engine designed to perform machine vision operations with robust, flexible deployment, and modular analytics. Most importantly, VisionAIre also has fully open integration, so any developer out there can create various application solutions using Nodeflux’s machine intelligence.

In several of its projects, Nodeflux relies on Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing services to support the development of several advanced application solutions. For example, by utilizing the Azure Instance VM, which is supported by Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) computing, VisionAIre can support a variety of requests by relying on its convenience in computing scalability as needed. Furthermore, data stored in Azure Storage will be processed using Azure Cognitive Service Custom Vision and Optical Character Recognition (OCR), as well as producing data visualizations delivered directly to end-users via the PowerBI dashboard.

In addition to its usage in security surveillance, such as to identify faces and vehicle registration numbers, vision AI solutions can be applied to situations such as counting the number of vehicles or estimating crowds to monitor traffic, detecting brands, detecting floods early through monitoring river water levels, and many more.

Picture 1. AI Solutions can be implemented to monitor the traffic.

“We are the most experienced computer vision provider in Indonesia in terms of speed and ease of overcoming geographical challenges, as we have implementation experience evenly throughout the country,” remarked Meidy Fitranto, Co-Founder dan CEO of Nodeflux.

Nodeflux is the leading Vision AI company in the industry, as seen in various aspects. Its offerings are tested globally to ensure world-class quality. In 2019, Nodeflux passed the Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) at National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), United States, making it the first and only Indonesian company at the time to be featured in the Top 25 companies globally. Not only that, Nodeflux also became one of four companies in Southeast Asia to pass the prestigious performance test.

Although Nodeflux has proven capable of competing on a global scale, they will always ensure reliable services for domestic Vision AI support.  Nodeflux also offers implementation and deployment flexibility, as it provides several deployment alternatives, from Server, Edge Cam, Cloud, to Hybrid Models. Another equally important feature is that they are home-grown; Nodeflux is notably one of the first Indonesian AI companies with a Domestic Component Level (TKDN) value of 99.04%. This is in line with Nodeflux’s commitment to support the progress and independence of Indonesia’s technology.

“While the Indonesian government has positively adopted and optimized AI technology, the rest of society, including long-tail industries, haven’t quite been able to truly enjoy its benefits due to concerns of scalability. This is where Nodeflux can help. We hope to democratize Vision AI, and to achieve this dream, collaboration is critical. We have actively collaborated with technology, channel, and distribution partners like Microsoft to face the challenges or concerns industries have so that Vision AI solutions can be put to real use for society,” continued Meidy.

Indeed, Nodeflux’s biggest impact is that its solutions can be put to real use for society. When utilized for security surveillance, its technology has helped monitor and secure high-profile events held in Indonesia, including but not limited to the 2018 Asian Games, IMF World Bank Group Summit, as well as regular surveillance at domestic airports.

Picture 2. Visual Dashboard to detect water level in certain areas.

In addition, Nodeflux’s AI technology has greatly benefited Governments, particularly the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government. The technology has helped detect water levels at rivers or certain areas with a high risk of flooding, provided real-time information, and alerted relevant officials when the water reached critical levels, to ensure timely strategic and preventative action, and ultimately minimize potential losses.

Nodeflux’s accuracy and reliable service certainly benefits their clients, from mining to the retail industry. Specifically for the mining industry, Nodeflux uses cloud technology to assist various departments within the company to increase the effectiveness of their services. For example, assisting the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) division in detecting water characteristics for employee safety or the Human Resources (HR) division by offering an AI-based automatic attendance system with geolocation features.

Picture 3. Nodeflux leverages cloud technology to help detect water levels for mining companies.

Reliable and advanced technology is the linchpin to Nodeflux’s success. Hence, Nodeflux opted to receive support  from Microsoft’s extensive partner ecosystem and programs, which includes 24/7 technological support, event tap-ins, and go-to market assistance to ensure widespread practical impact and state-of-the-art tech infrastructure. “Microsoft really understands the products and market potential of its partners, and proactively conducts in-depth exploration. Microsoft  is committed to providing assistance, networking support, as well as marketing support as an additional measure of success. Microsoft’s support for us has definitely exceeded our expectations,” concluded Meidy.

Microsoft recognizes the importance of collaboration to support every person and every organization in developing innovative digital solutions. Equipped with advanced digital technology and qualified knowledge, Microsoft’s collaboration with Nodeflux is expected to accelerate the realization of the potential of the digital economy and to empower Indonesia.