Microsoft and LinkedIn Release the 2024 Work Trend Index on the State of AI at Work in Indonesia

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  • 92% of knowledge workers in Indonesia already use generative AI at work, surpassing global (75%) and Asia Pacific (83%) averages. 
  • 92% of Indonesian business leaders stress the importance of AI adoption to stay competitive, yet 48% worry their organizational leadership lacks a plan and vision to implement it. 
  • Leaders must channel AI experimentation into business transformation. 

Jakarta, 11 June 2024Today, Microsoft and LinkedIn released data specific to Indonesia from the global 2024 Work Trend Index, focusing on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the workplace. The findings reveal a high percentage of knowledge workers in Indonesia using generative AI and a strong belief among business leaders in the necessity of AI adoption for maintaining competitiveness, both surpassing regional and global figures. This underscores Indonesia’s enthusiasm for leveraging AI to drive business impact and suggests the potential emergence of a new, AI-driven workplace culture in the country. 

“We are in an era where AI is transforming our ability to create and innovate at an unprecedented pace. Indonesia’s swift adaptation and growth in this era signal that we are on the right path to realizing our digital economic potential and creating greater positive impacts for society at large. The key now is to channel this enthusiasm into tangible AI business transformations by doing three things: identifying business problems and integrating AI into solutions, adopting a top-down and bottom-up approach, and prioritizing AI skills training for everyone,” said Dharma Simorangkir, President Director of Microsoft Indonesia. 

Photo 1. Dharma Simorangkir, President Director Microsoft Indonesia 

This report, titled “AI at Work is Here. Now Comes the Hard Part,” is based on a survey of 31,000 people across 31 countries, including Indonesia, labor and hiring trends on LinkedIn, trillions of Microsoft 365 productivity signals, and research with Fortune 500 customers. 

In tandem with the report, Microsoft announced new capabilities in Copilot for Microsoft 365, while LinkedIn introduced over 50 free learning courses for LinkedIn Premium members to empower professionals at all levels to enhance their AI skills. 

“As AI brings transformative changes to the workplace, companies need new guidelines for recruiting talent,” said Rohit Kalsy, Indonesia Country Lead, LinkedIn. “With the rapidly evolving workforce ecosystem, leaders who prioritize flexibility and invest in developing AI-ready skills will gain a competitive edge. In Indonesia, 69% of business leaders say they won’t hire someone without AI skills. This highlights the urgency for professionals to focus on AI skill enhancement through training. Meanwhile, data also reveals a 65% increase in number of learning hours to study top 100 AI/generative AI courses between 2022 – 2023 on LinkedIn Learning. The participant record for those joining top LinkedIn courses on AI since January 2023 are held by Southeast Asia, Australia, and India. 

Photo 2. Rohit Kalsy, Indonesia Country Lead, LinkedIn 

The 2024 Work Trend Index highlights three key insights for leaders and professionals in Indonesia about AI’s impact on work and the labor market in the year ahead: 

Employees want AI at work – and won’t wait for companies to catch up 

  • As many as 92% of knowledge workers in Indonesia are already using generative AI at work. This figure is higher than the global (75%) and Asia Pacific (83%) average. 
  • Around 92% of leaders in Indonesia believe in the need to adopt AI to stay competitive, higher than the global (79%) and Asia Pacific (84%) averages. However, 48% worry that their organization’s leadership lacks a vision and plan for implementing AI within the company, lower than the global (60%) and Asia Pacific (61%) averages. 
  • As a result, 76% of employees in Indonesia are bringing their own AI tools or solutions to work (Bring Your Own AI/BYOAI)- missing out on the benefits that come from strategic AI use at scale and putting company data at risk. Therefore, the task for company leaders in the near future is to consider how to implement AI on a large scale in the company while maximizing return on investment (ROI).

For employees, AI raises the bar and breaks the career ceiling 

  • As many as 69% of leaders in Indonesia say they will not hire someone without AI skills. Additionally, 76% of leaders say they would rather hire a less experienced candidate with AI skills than a more experienced candidate without them. 
  • Learning from global data, many professionals are taking the initiative to skill up on their own. There has been a 142x increase in LinkedIn members adding AI skills like Copilot and ChatGPT to their profiles and a 160% increase in non-technical professionals using LinkedIn Learning courses to build their AI aptitude. 
  • AI mentions in LinkedIn job posts drive a 17% bump in application growth. Hence, the impact of AI is undeniable: organizations that empower employees with AI tools and training will attract the best talent, while professionals who skill up will have the edge. 

The rise of the AI Power Users – and what they reveal about the future of work 

  • Four types of AI users emerged in this research — from skeptics who rarely use AI, to novices and explorers who are somewhat familiar with and frequently use AI, to power users who use it extensively. 
  • AI power users have reoriented their workdays in fundamental ways: 93% of power users in Indonesia use it to start their workday and 94% use it to prepare for the next day (higher than the global average of 85% and Asia Pacific at 88%). 
  • As many as 73% of power users in Indonesia are also more inclined to experiment with AI, higher than the global average (68%) and Asia Pacific (51%). 

In Indonesia, various organizations across scales and industries have integrated generative AI tools like Copilot for Microsoft 365 into their daily workflows to boost productivity. These include Indosat Ooredoo Hutchinson (Indosat or IOH). Copilot for Microsoft 365 has become part of the productivity enhancements for Indosat employees in managing their work. The integration of Copilot for Microsoft 365 capabilities has been carried out across various functions at Indosat, from digital, Human Resource, Business-to-Business, to Network. This is a testatement to Indosat’s commitment to transforming from a telecommunications company to an AI Native TechCo and revolutionizing the digital landscape in Indonesia. 

Enriching Work Experience with New Features in Copilot for Microsoft 365 

Understanding the benefits of generative AI in the workplace, Microsoft also announced innovations in Copilot for Microsoft 365 to help people create more with AI: 

  • A new auto-complete feature is coming to the prompt box. Copilot will now help people who have the start of a prompt by offering to complete it, suggesting a more a detailed prompt based on what is being typed, to deliver a stronger result. 
  • A new rewrite feature in Copilot will help users who know what they want but may not have the right words to describe it, transforming basic prompts into richer ones with the click of a button. 
  • Catch Up is a new chat interface that surfaces personal insights based on recent activities and provides responsive recommendations. 
  • New capabilities in Copilot Lab will enable people to create, publish, and manage prompts tailored to them, and to their specific teams, roles, and functions. 

Photo 3. Ricky Haryadi, Go To Market Lead – AI at Work & AI in Cybersecurity (ASEAN) Microsoft 

Tools for Relevant Skills Enhancement in the Workplace 

LinkedIn provides AI tools to help users stay ahead in their careers: 

  • For Skills Enhancement. LinkedIn Learning offers over 22,000 courses, including more than 600 AI courses, to build aptitude in generative AI, empower teams within a company to make generative AI-driven business investments, or simply keep employees’ skills sharp. These new courses are free and available to everyone until July 8, 2024. Additionally, new AI-Powered Coaching in LinkedIn Learning helps learners find the content they need to improve their skills faster, with greater personalization and guided conversational learning. 
  • For Career Advancement. For LinkedIn Premium subscribers, AI-powered personalized takeaways on LinkedIn Feed, on posts, articles or videos (from articles to commentary), can help users make relevant decisions or simply provide ideas. 
  • For Job Seeking. For users seeking jobs, LinkedIn features make it easier and faster to find the ideal job. Users can now assess their fit for a role in seconds based on their experience and skills, get advice to stand out in the workforce in terms of skills and networking, and more. So far, more than 90% of subscribers with access shared it’s been helpful in job search. 

Foto 4. (Left to Right) – Ricky Haryadi, Go To Market Lead – AI at Work & AI in Cybersecurity (ASEAN) Microsoft; Dharma Simorangkir, Presiden Direktur Microsoft Indonesia; Karen Kusnadi, Communications Lead Microsoft Indonesia; Rohit Kalsy Indonesia Country Lead LinkedIn. 

For further reading, visit Microsoft’s Official Blog, Work Trend Index 2024 Report, and head to LinkedIn to hear more from the company’s Chief Economist, Karin Kimbrough.  


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