LS Group Starts Digital Transformation Through a Strategic Collaboration with Microsoft Korea

  • Building a Microsoft cloud-based business system, strengthening member-to-member networking capabilities within the organization
  • Introducing Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 to all affiliates of LS Group
  • Unveil important business insights through collaboration of LS power and electric with Microsoft cloud, AI and data capabilities
  • Providing differentiated solutions centered on customer value

May 2nd 2022- LS Group partners with Microsoft Korea to further accelerate the group’s digital transformation, including the establishment of a cloud-based business system.

LS plans to introduce Microsoft Azure to all its affiliates over the next five years through LS ITC, an IT service company in the group, and to complete the application of Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 by the end of this year.

The plan is to transform existing IT infrastructure such as ERP, servers, and software into a cloud environment with the latest technology of Microsoft, so all LS members around the world to utilize the company’s data assets in real time and strengthen networking capabilities and speed to increase the group’s work synergy.

To this end, LS Group plans to form a regular consultative body with Microsoft from May 2022 to strengthen product competitiveness and create new business opportunities by incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) and data analysis technologies of Microsoft to be accommodated to the group’s major affiliates such as LS Cable & System, LS ELECTIRC, LS-Nikko Copper, and LS Mtron.

In addition, LS collects and analyzes big data from the manufacturing process of affiliates within the group and conducts technical consultations with Microsoft to utilize it.

To this end, LS will join hands with Microsoft’s global partner SightMachine, where LS is investing in shares, to provide manufacturing data analysis technology to its manufacturing affiliates in the group.

LS co. ltd, the holding company of LS Group, invested 22.7 billion won in site machines, a U.S. manufacturing data analysis company in 2019, and has a 18.21% stake. The company recently developed a manufacturing big data analysis solution with Microsoft and is applying it to the domestic paper industry.

“Through this collaboration, we are looking forward to flexible data expansion, efficient operation based on automated software as a service (SaaS), and improved work productivity for group members,” said Eui-je Cho, LS ITC CEO and Group Chief Information Officer. He added “We will accelerate digital transformation with Microsoft to provide exclusive solutions for customers.”

Ji Eun Lee, CEO of Microsoft Korea, said, “We are pleased to collaborate with LS Group to accelerate digital transformation for all affiliates of LS, from creating a smart work environment to manufacturing process, focusing on LS Group’s cloud-based business system.” She added, “This collaboration will create faster and safer digital transformation by combining Microsoft’s latest digital technologies with the technological capabilities of LS Group.”


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