Microsoft Korea Verifies the EV Battery Asset Management Platform Technology of Hyundai Motor Group

  • Established a digital battery asset management platform using Azure IoT and analysis (AI/ML) technology
  • Experiment with real-world electric vehicle batteries in a virtual world… Analysis of the behavioral patterns using AI/ML technology
  • Possible to predict battery life and detect failure with the digital twins simulation… Increase the battery management efficiency

May 24, 2022 – Microsoft Korea and Hyundai Motor Group have initiated establishing an electric vehicle (EV) battery asset management platform mainly relying on the Azure-based digital twins solutions.

While EVs are playing a critical role in the global automotive industry, such growth is throwing the spotlight on the enhancement of EVs’ battery efficiency.

Consequently, Hyundai Motor Group decided to collaborate with Microsoft Korea. Microsoft Korea provides an environment that can test the battery performance of EVs. Real tests are conducted in the digital space. The Azure Digital Twins, based on the Azure IoT technology, will be utilized to predict potential issues by implementing EV-related assets in the real world into the virtual reality in the computer. Accuracy has been further improved by applying the Azure Al/ML technology. As a result, both companies can design an optimization platform for verifying the initial lifespan of EV batteries and improving their performance continuously.

First, the mimic of the real condition of vehicles, batteries, places, and environments are modeled in the virtual world. All data required for the work are stored in Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2. The storage helps making big data analysis more efficient through integrated management of a vast amount of the collected data in various forms.

The actual virtual simulation analyzes the battery operation behavior patterns based on the operation log of EVs to detect failures and predict the lifespan. Azure Databricks and Azure ML provide the necessary user-friendly features and an efficient research environment. Azure MLOps also supports the execution of pipelines according to the results of learning monitoring.

Also, Power BI, a business intelligence and data analytics visualization tool, helps arrange to extract insights quickly from the data through the tool. This connection with Microsoft Teams, a collaboration platform, contributes to enhancing collaboration and work efficiency.

Chul Park, Vice President of the Hyundai Motor Group’s Open Innovation Strategy Group, said, “We have been able to verify and establish a differentiated platform that can manage batteries for EVs with the technology and various solutions from Microsoft” and “Hyundai Motor Group will continue to lead the eco-friendly car market by adding the battery asset management platform into the diverse EV lineups.”

Jenna Lee, Head of Asia Technical Sales, IoT & MR Technology at Microsoft, said, “With the commercialization of EVs, the importance of the battery has been growing enough to say that it accelerates the development of the automotive industry” and “Microsoft will actively support all the industries for digital innovations in reality with the establishment of the perfect ecosystem that helps the connectivity, innovation, and trust in companies by taking the Hyundai Motor Group’s EV digital twins battery management platform technology verification as the first case of utilizing Azure Digital Twins and IoT technology.”

Meanwhile, Microsoft Cloud has been providing a wide range of services to major automotive companies around the world for their industrial needs. More than 95% of Fortune 500 companies are using Microsoft Cloud.

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