Disability Community Month

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Join us in celebrating and learning as Microsoft employees from the Disability community share their own stories.

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When Nichole faced a mental health crisis after achieving one of her greatest professional successes, she found the courage to reach out for the support and time she needed to stop putting on a brave face, and bring her full, authentic self to work.

“It wasn’t until I started learning about all the different types of PTSD that I realized you don’t have to have fought in war to have it.” 

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For Customer Success Account Manager Thad Stafford, struggles with PTSD, anxiety, and substance abuse disorder led to an early retirement from law enforcement—and an unexpected fresh start. 

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“Be yourself without shame.”

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Thiago was used to hiding his anxiety and ADHD, but when he opened up about his journey to his coworkers and manager, he found support, a safe space and a new community.

“My personal experiences and challenges have given me an extra edge, for example, when it comes to solving problems in the workplace and for our customers.” 

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Diagnosed with a visual disability in her teens, Senior Product Manager Nidhi Jain advocates for assistive technologies in the workplace designed to meet people where they are. 

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“This isn’t a solitary exercise.”

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Shrivaths loves solving challenges solo, but overcoming his hesitation to ask for assistance has brought new connections and unexpected rewards.

“The importance of creating inclusive technologies like the hybrid event room is deeply personal for me.” 

Sascha Ackermann wearing a blue shirt in front of a blue colorful background.

During the pandemic, Experience Lead Sascha Ackermann and his team set out to make meetings and events more inclusive, for both remote and on-site teams. The result was Microsoft’s first hybrid event room.

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Microsoft Teams Backgrounds

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Download these Disability Community Month backgrounds for Microsoft Teams.

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A collage of video games featured for Disability Community Month, including Forza Horizon 5, Adios, and more.

Discover games selected by disability and neurodiversity communities at Microsoft.

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Movies and TV

A collage of movies and TV series featured for Disability Community Month, including Dealt, Triumph, and more.

Explore movies and TV selected by disability and neurodiversity communities at Microsoft.

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Xbox Community 

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Xbox uplifts gaming and disability communities through Disability Pride celebrations.

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