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Closing the Data Divide: The Need for Open Data

Empowering people and organizations to share and use data more effectively

Microsoft’s Open Data Campaign is helping to close the looming ‘data divide’ and help organizations of all sizes to realize the benefits of data and the new technologies it powers. We believe everyone can benefit from opening, sharing, and collaborating around data to make better decisions, improve efficiency, and even help tackle some of the world’s most pressing societal challenges.

The Open Data Campaign

Building on a Year of Open Data with Brad Smith and Jennifer Yokoyama

Microsoft On the Issues Blog

Building on a year of Open Data

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Read the post

Open Data Campaign report:
Year one in review

Learn about the state of the data divide and our progress towards launching 20 data collaborations by 2022

Open Data Report coverDownload the report

Open Data Campaign videos

Tools and Capabilities

Data Use Agreements

Backgrounder & FAQ

Read the Backgrounder & FAQ

Open Use of Data Agreement (O-UDA)

README | Annotated Agreement | Agreement
Open Use of Data Agreement GitHub repo

Computational Use of Data Agreement (C-UDA)

README | Annotated Agreement | Agreement
Computational Use of Data Agreement GitHub repo

Data Use Agreement for Open AI Model Development (DUA-OAI)

README | Annotated Agreement | Agreement

Data Use Agreement for Data Commons (DUA-DC)

README | Annotated Agreement | Agreement

Send your feedback to [email protected].

Open Data Policy Lab

data policy lab logo

The Open Data Policy Lab works to support government decision-makers at the local, state, and national levels to accelerate the responsible sharing of data by lowering existing barriers and building a center of expertise that will be available to all stakeholders involved in democratizing access to data.

Go to Open Data Policy Lab Website

Differential Privacy

Differential privacy introduces statistical noise – slight alterations – to mask datasets and protect the privacy of individuals.

Learn more about Differential Privacy

Azure Confidential Computing

Confidential Computing helps to protect sensitive data in the cloud by offering security through data-in-use encryption – additional protection for your data while it’s being processed.

Learn more about Azure Confidential Computing

Azure Open Datasets

A curated collection of publicly available datasets that are ready to use in machine learning workflows and easy to access from Azure services.

Find the Azure Open Datasets here


Find links to resources that support open data and data sharing.

Microsoft On the Issues articles and recent news

Licensing, Governance, and Legal Tools

Open Data Repositories