April 1, 1996
MAPI-Based Workflow Specification Now Available

Microsoft Corp. and Wang Laboratories Inc. announced today the first public availability of the specification for the MAPI Workflow Framework (MAPI-WF). MAPI-WF provides a standards-based mechanism to allow production and messaging-based workflow systems to interoperate.

April 1, 1996
Microsoft and Hardware Community Announce OnNow Initiative…

OnNow PCs will turn on instantly like VCRs or TVs, without rebooting, and will respond automatically to incoming faxes, voice mail and e-mail even when they appear to be turned off. OnNow will be supported in future releases of the Microsoft Windows 95 and Windows NT operating systems.

April 1, 1996
Microsoft Unveils Simply Interactive PC Framework

According to Gates, the technologies of SIPC will make the PC platform the center of entertainment, communications and productivity in both home and office, providing the ease of use and convenience of a consumer appliance.

April 1, 1996
Microsoft Announces Win32 Driver Model…

With the Win32 Driver Model, a single device driver can be written for both operating systems, making it faster and easier for hardware developers to create higher-quality drivers and innovative hardware at lower cost.

March 25, 1996
MSN Hits 1 Million-Member Mark

Microsoft Corp. announced that MSN, The Microsoft Network, has enrolled more than 1 million members in its first seven months of service, making MSN the fastest-starting Internet online service in history.