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Microsoft calls for U.S. strategy to eliminate rural broadband gap within 5 years

Rural broadband announcement video


Watch Microsoft President Brad Smith’s speech at the Media Institute

A rural broadband strategy: connecting rural America to new opportunities

Today, Microsoft President Brad Smith is presenting Microsoft’s thoughts on the rural broadband gap in the United States at a lunch sponsored by the Media Institute in Washington, D.C. As he writes on the Microsoft on the Issues blog, it is an important opportunity to address a problem that is receiving a great deal of attention, but not many solutions.

Microsoft has spent several years working on the issue and published a white paper today with the company’s best ideas for a new national rural broadband strategy.

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The rural broadband gap: Interactive map shows where broadband is needed most in America today

This dynamic map shows the proportion of individuals who have access to broadband in each county in the US, based on the Federal Communications Commission’s Broadband Progress Report 2016. In the simplified format, hovering over a county will highlight its name and its percentage of broadband coverage.

How TV white spaces can connect areas that lack access