In a health care crisis, Zuellig Pharma pivots to the cloud to protect lives

Think of a business plan as a race. You’re at the starting line. The pistol goes off. Then suddenly, the rules change. The marathon you thought you were running has become a sprint.

That’s what happened to one of Asia’s largest and oldest health care services groups, Zuellig Pharma, when the COVID-19 pandemic swept the region, triggering mandatory lockdowns that threatened its ability to serve 350,000 medical facilities, hospitals, clinics and pharmacies.

Zuellig Pharma distributes medical supplies, drugs and services across 13 countries, so to ensure that those who needed them continued to receive vital supplies, the company quickly plugged into the power of the cloud.

“Everybody was impacted,” says Tom Vanmolkot, the company’s executive vice president for distribution and client services. “Everybody had to wake up to a new reality. We had to adapt.”

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