Companies are racing to catch up to the technology needs of their customers

In this episode of “Digital Now,” EY Partner/Principal and Global Microsoft Alliance Leader and Americas Technology Strategy Leader Jim Little discusses the gap between how customers want to be served and how companies are serving them.

Little says that, according to the 2021 EY Tech Horizons research, more than half of the companies surveyed believe that their customers are outpacing the technology needs of the corporate enterprise.

“Digital Now” is a video series hosted by Andrew Wilson, chief digital officer at Microsoft, who invites friends and industry leaders inside and outside of Microsoft to share how they are tackling digital and business transformation, and explores themes like the future of work, security, artificial intelligence and the democratization of code and data.

Little also discusses how the global pandemic both disrupted and accelerated the pace of digital transformation and explains why data has become the top priority for companies – not just how to secure it within their own four walls, but how to collect it and glean insights from it.

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