Johns Hopkins’ Darren Lacey and Microsoft’s Brad Anderson talk cyber security in ‘The Shiproom’

In this episode of “The Shiproom,” Microsoft’s Brad Anderson, corporate vice president of Microsoft 365, sits down with cyber security expert Darren Lacey, the CISO of Johns Hopkins University and its hospital network.

They talk about how IT can protect company assets against the sheer number of cyber threats that are constantly circling the web – and why it’s so important to understand why the ideas about combating these attacks have changed.

Lacey also explains how to use the principles and architecture of layered security, how to assess and measure risk, and why your future includes a lot of math. Then, in a “Shiproom” first, the conversation is interrupted by a call from someone operating beyond the limits of mortality – the literary icon, Edgar Allen Poe, who debuts a new series of morbid poems.

Other discussion topics: BYOD, cake, the CIA’s Instagram account, the value of data from major cloud providers, the Supreme Court, and Microsoft Intune.

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