Words of wisdom from a CISO: To stop an attacker, think like one

In this episode of “Digital Now,” Bret Arsenault, Microsoft corporate vice president and chief information security officer, explains how his team visualizes threat scenarios by thinking like an attacker, then uses those insights to help understand and predict what might happen.

“Digital Now” is a video series hosted by Andrew Wilson, chief digital officer at Microsoft, who invites friends and industry leaders inside and outside of Microsoft to share how they are tackling digital and business transformation, and explores themes like the future of work, security, artificial intelligence and the democratization of code and data.

Arsenault also discusses how cloud technology has changed the security landscape and explains Microsoft’s culture of “dog fooding” – testing and refining products internally before releasing them to customers and consumers. “Everything we learn either gets integrated into our products and services to help protect customers, or becomes a product that they can use themselves,” he says.

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