A man sits in a cab of a tractor with his hand on a joystick
New AI-powered tools are helping democratize agriculture in Argentina and beyond by connecting small farmers with agronomists, data scientists and algorithms that help them sow, water, fertilize and harvest more efficiently — and become more sustainable and competitive.
This agtech revolution is especially important as countries try to boost food production to feed growing populations amid challenges from a shrinking supply of water and farmland and increased geopolitical and economic unrest.
A woman looks at a glass of wine in her hand
A digital platform helped Elizabeth Panella become a successful winemaker while keeping her career as an accountant when she inherited the family vineyard in Argentina’s famed Mendoza Valley.
A man sits on the side of a tractor wheel
Tech tools also helped Juan Martin Millet, a fourth-generation farmer who raises breeding cows and grows wheat, corn, soybeans and sorghum in the humid, flat, fertile interior of Argentina.
Technology is also helping to attract and empower young people, enticing them to follow in the footsteps of older farmers and helping with a generational shift that’s one of the biggest challenges farming faces worldwide.
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