Explanimators | Episode 7


While working side-by-side with a robot may seem like science fiction, cobotics (collaborative robotics) is already happening in high-end manufacturing. Rather than reading an article about how cobots support people to do their best work; let us sing it to you.

Explanimators | Episode 8

Intelligent Edge

The Intelligent Edge could be the most important recent development in technology that you’ve never heard of. Why is it intelligent? What’s the edge? And why’s it so darn important? Find out here.

Explanimators | Episode 6

Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is many things: important, revolutionary and confusing. Who better to explain this monumental technology in understandable terms than a 19th Century Austrian cat?

Explanimators | Episode 5


Time to put some blockchain in your brain. Take an interstellar adventure and learn why blockchain is the next frontier for digital transformation in business.

Explanimators | Episode 4

Machine Reading

Learn how AI and the cloud are helping computers learn to read and comprehend natural language.

Explanimators | Episode 3

Mixed Reality

Find out how blending the physical and digital worlds will empower you to do the impossible. And more importantly, what it means for your pants.

Explanimators | Episode 2

Internet of Things

Learn how our increasingly connected world is powering everything from smart cars to connected oysters.

Explanimators | Episode 1

Artificial Intelligence

AI has gone from science fiction to part of our daily lives. But what is it? How does it work? And why now?

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