February 18, 2013
Microsoft Takes Outlook.com Out of Preview, Starts Migrating Hotmail Users and Launches ‘Massive’ New Marketing Campaign

“Six months after its initial launch, the preview of Outlook.com, Microsoft’s free webmail service that is meant to replace the aging Hotmail brand and design, now has over 60 million active users according to the company’s own data. …a very modern webmail client with numerous smart features like sweep (to quickly clean up your inbox) and active views (to track packages, etc.).”

February 18, 2013
Microsoft Starts Big Ad Push for Outlook.com Email

“Outlook.com could also serve as an entryway for consumers to other Microsoft offerings, given how integrated it is to products such as SkyDrive, Microsoft’s personal cloud service. …It’s all part of Microsoft’s ‘better together’ strategy that’s coming together, said Wes Miller, an analyst with independent research firm Directions on Microsoft.”

April 16, 2009
A New Approach to Enterprise Security

Q&A: Douglas Leland, general manager of Microsoft’s Identity and Security Business Group, outlines Microsoft’s strategy to help enterprise customers secure their information and systems.