Microsoft launches SQL Server 2014 to simplify “Big Data” with cloud-powered database management

Bangkok –
2014 – Microsoft has launched SQL Server 2014, a world-class database management solution designed to fulfill all business needs as “Big Data” continues to transform the digital landscape.

SQL Server 2014 delivers optimal performance in handling massive amounts of data through In-Memory OLTP (Online Transaction Processing) technology, which accelerates data processing by 10-30 times. Full support for business intelligence features and services make in-depth insights easier and faster to access than ever.

“We cannot deny that data is a now a vital resource that fuels every decision in the business world, and access to this data is no longer a responsibility limited to IT personnel,” said Somsak Mukdavannakorn, Public Sector Director, Microsoft (Thailand) Limited. “Executives and general users now want to access and interpret data on their own terms, through tools that make it faster and easier to do so without sacrificing stability. In response to these requirements, Microsoft designed SQL Server 2014 to enable efficient handling of big data, even on existing hardware.”

In addition to performance improvements and business intelligence capabilities, SQL Server 2014 also features full support for cloud technology, allowing usage in hybrid setups alongside existing on-premise servers or full cloud hosting of your organization’s data on Microsoft Azure – either in the form of cloud databases and apps or virtual machines that help organizations cut down on hardware investments.

SQL Server has been ranked as the safest database management solution for five consecutive years, and the 2014 edition ships with enhanced security procedures that keep your data even safer than before.

Ekasit Wiwattanaprasit, IT Director for leading publisher and bookstore chain SE Education PCL, added: “SE-ED has been using SQL Server for our database management needs for more than ten years, enabling us to efficiently deal with data from our bookstores, online storefront, and publishing business. SQL Server 2014 effectively addresses all our requirements for in-depth data analysis and allows us to cope well with the increasing complexity of SE-ED’s expanding business.”

An IDC study indicates that the ‘digital universe’ will expand in size to reach 40 zettabytes (or 40 billion terabytes) by 2020 with 90% of all data being unstructured – e.g. images or videos. Organizations across all business sectors are seeking solutions to handle the growing amount of data in order to best facilitate the decision making process and drive business growth.

Microsoft launched SQL Server 2014 globally in April. The database management solution has since been implemented by 100 early-adopter companies, while 200,000 organizations worldwide have begun a free trial. For more information on SQL Server, visit or contact a Microsoft certified partner at


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