Microsoft and POWER MALL announce partnership to offer exceptional hands-on experience with devices and software at Microsoft Experience Zones

 |   Pornravee Suramool

Experience Windows devices and accessories, plus quality advice from Microsoft specialists at POWER MALL, Siam Paragon and Emporium

Microsoft Experience Zone at POWER MALL
Ekaraj Panjavinin (right), Consumer Channel Group Director, Microsoft (Thailand) Limited, and Jakkrit Keeratichokchaikun (left), Senior Vice President Chief Merchandising Officer of POWER MALL, The Mall Group Co., Ltd, announced a partnership to launch Microsoft Experience Zones at POWER MALL, Siam Paragon and Emporium to transform the consumer retail experience.

Bangkok, 21 July 2016 – Microsoft Thailand is taking the consumer experience on the Windows platform to the next level as it joins forces with POWER MALL of The Mall Group Co., Ltd. – a leading retailer of televisions, sound systems, home appliances, and IT products – to launch the Microsoft Experience Zone at two flagship shopping malls in the heart of Bangkok. In addition to showcasing Windows 10 devices and related software and services, the two Experience Zones also provide useful advice from Microsoft’s expert specialists.

“After the global launch of Windows 10 last year, Microsoft remains committed to the development of Windows as the ideal computing platform for all PC users, offering a wide range of features that spark the creation of new, innovative devices to redefine the essence of the PC market” said Ekaraj Panjavinin, Consumer Channel Group Director, Microsoft (Thailand) Limited. “Apart from devices and platforms, we are eager to improve customer experience to achieve full satisfaction every step of the way – starting from choosing the right device or software to match each customer’s needs. This is the motivation behind the launch of the Microsoft Experience Zone.”

The Microsoft Experience Zones at Siam Paragon and Emporium both feature a diverse range of Windows 10 devices – covering everything from laptops and two-in-ones to desktops from leading brands – as well as accessories and top-quality Microsoft software such as Office 365. In addition to hands-on experience with hardware products, customers can consult and receive advice from Microsoft specialists on choosing the right device and using each device to its full potential.

Jakkrit Keeratichokchaikun, Senior Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer of POWER MALL, The Mall Group Co., Ltd., added, “In recent times, the Thai PC market has been quite lively thanks to a constant stream of new innovations introduced to the market. However, we found that most customers had hardly had any chance to fully experience these new products. This drove us to work with Microsoft to further stimulate the PC market and help consumers come to realize the true potential of a modern PC. With the Microsoft Experience Zone, POWER MALL has become a new destination for customers interested in the latest PC innovations.”

Apart from products on offer and expert advice from specialists, Microsoft and POWER MALL plans to further expand their partnership and transform both Microsoft Experience Zones into full-service locations with the addition of repair service counters for device owners, plus workshop activities that enable users to take more advantage of their Windows devices.

“Although worldwide PC sales remain in flux, IDC reported that sales of hybrid devices – which function as both tablet and laptop – will rise by up to 73% this year with Windows 10 as an important growth driver[1],” Ekaraj added. “This statistic alone shows that many customers are interested in innovative devices that empower them to do more and be more. Our partnership with POWER MALL will raise awareness of the true capability of Windows today as we work together under a joint vision to bring joy and value to all customers.”

[1]Detachable Tablets Set To Grow From 8% of the Tablet Market in 2015 to 30% in 2020, According to IDC”, IDC, March 2016