‘Ninja’ – the new leader of digital era

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Microsoft Thailand reveals that working resiliently, collaboratively and effectively is becoming the new trend of work for this approaching 2020

  • 100% of respondents disclose that people from the generation of baby boomers to generation Z, have the lifestyle of working like ‘Ninja’, which means they love to work independently and resiliently with anyone despite the miles apart as long as they can get the best work done
  • The most important factor for next year, is the new communication tool with utmost quality to create the resilient workplace and to improve working quality to another step.
  • 2 of 4 generations prefer to work in traditional ways with new technology adapted to strengthen the quality of work.
  • Young bloods from the new generations are the Ideamaker, with new technology as their secret weapon.

Bangkok, Thailand – 19 December 2019 – Nowadays, things are changing as the world of technology is growing, especially the working lifestyle which becomes more digital, in terms of people’s lifestyle, attitudes and perspective. However, people in different generations are continuously adapting their lifestyle with changing world, while communication tool between internal and external colleagues become the most important factor.

Nowadays, with new technology becoming the essential base of working, collaboration trend is also changing under Independent but Collaborative concept, which means that people are now aware of privacy and safety in workplaces. Nonetheless, the fact that people are embracing their own private space doesn’t decrease any working quality, instead, it allows them to choose new technology to fulfill the missing jigsaw piece of how to work with other people more easily.

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According to the survey by Microsoft Thailand team, via personality test in workplaces which divides working lifestyles into 7 categories, through 1,000 players from all over Thailand, it is found that 20% of respondents are the Ideamaker, 21% are the Ruler, 10% are the Executive, 7% are the Guardian, 12% are the Socialite, 28% are the Ninja and 2% are.. The Dinosaur!

The questionnaire also categorizes their respondents into 4 generations; Baby Boomers, Generation X, Y and Z. After getting the result, it is analyzed and indicates the changing trend of work like this:

Thai Ninja, The Great Master of 2020!

The result shows that 28% of every generation works like Ninja, which is most of them! This fact is relevant to the new trend of working in digital world, showing that people prefer to work independently. Mobile Working is becoming their new preference when it allows people to work from wherever they are in the world as long as the internet is connected, additionally, it is also the new weapon that brings everyone to connect to their colleagues and clients effectively.

The Rulers to Rule Hightechly

According to the result, The Ruler is second most popular lifestyle of working among 31% of Baby Boomers and 22% of Generation X, which means people in these generations still work traditionally and prefer to follow the rules of organization, with technology adapted, such as working online and initiate creative work through online platforms.

Generation Y and Z, The Maker of Idea

21% of both Generation Y and Z are the Ideamakers, this fact is relevant to the working lifestyle of these new generations whose creativity is limitless. They’re energetic and eager to create new things, according to this, people who have such working lifestyle are also those who always expand and enhance their ideas to reach their goals.

These following results show that the new world driven by new technology makes people pay more attention on technology, no matter whichever generations you are in. Working in Workplace has been making changes as it brings new innovation and technology to improve the working process to emphasize the quality of work. It doesn’t matter if you’re Ninja, Ruler, Ideamaker or even Dinosaur. What really matters is you can’t deny that technology is the key to greatly expand the opportunity for you to get your work successful.

The masterpiece to fulfill your working lifestyle in single platform

Microsoft Teams, is another tool that has been playing an important role in Thai company, from the big to the small ones. According to its safe and flexible quality, Teams becomes the significant tool for internal and external stakeholders to work in harmony and to ameliorate working quality in this kind of era.

According to the trend, Microsoft Teams can change your traditional work, which you will sit in front of the computer at your desk, to the new pathway of work, which allows you to work with your colleagues from all over the world, with these following features:

  • The tool that allows you to chat, video call, share and edit your work with your team in real time! Which means you don’t have to wait to gather them around anymore!
  • The tool that is highly safe! No one can ever access your Teams unless you allow them to. So, you can be certain that your message and working files will be kept safely with Private Channel feature, the secret group from which only you can invite and delete the members.
  • The tools to accumulate the most applications helping you to work conveniently, which are not only fundamental applications on Office 365: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Onenote, but also additional applications that can be downloaded, including Powered App feature, especially for your own company.
  • The tools to help you plan your working and personal life. You can plan your working schedule in Calendar feature, as well as check your team’s schedule through Planner feature.
  • Most importantly, Microsoft Teams is the Mobile Friendly tool, which means you can access it from various devices such as a computer notebook, a smartphone and any wearable gadgets. This will make your life much easier when you can work and enjoy your life at the same time! Now you can work while taking a sip of coffee!

These are only small qualifications of Microsoft Teams since Teams can be more than just old communication tool. The world is changing, so are you. Why you don’t jump outside of the box and take some challenges to try new things? Download Microsoft Teams here for a free trial or contact us on Facebook, and you will find that being Ninja in digital world is the key to your success!