Microsoft shines spotlight on the New Way of Work with experiences and ideas from all sectors that continue to drive productivity forward

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It has been more than a month since the sweeping transformation of our way of work. From meetings that run for hours in a single room, we have gravitated towards remote collaboration through teleconference. This “New World of Work’ has brought about extensive changes that demand immediate adaptation – not only in how we harness the power of technology but also how we define methods and roles at work for each and every individual. Empowering employees to remain productive and secure from anywhere is now a critical mission that enables organizations to maintain their forward momentum, driving business back towards growth and allowing them to grasp unprecedented opportunities that arise.

Under a commitment to drive productivity in this New World of Work through Microsoft technology, we are proud of our role in empowering organizations across Thailand to stand strong and move forward in all dimensions – including:

  • #StaySafe – the safety of the workforce amidst an ongoing pandemic
  • #StayPositive – maintaining positivity that keeps individuals and organizations on track to achieve their goals
  • #StayProductive – opening up new possibilities for greater productivity at work, even in situations where the office or our colleagues cannot be physically accessed

The fascinating success stories presented here all underscore the positivity inherent in each organization as they turn Microsoft’s tools, services, and platforms into significant benefits in their respective sectors and contribute to Thailand’s development even in the face of unforeseen challenges.

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