Microsoft Thailand elevates 21st-century skills learning with Minecraft: Education Edition in Thailand

Minecraft version of Thai Red Cross Fair and Lumpini Park

First Thai Red Cross Fair on Minecraft with support from KMITL, followed by announcement of competition to build the Minecraft Red Cross Fair of your dreams

Bangkok, 24 December 2020 – While COVID-19 has forced the annual Thai Red Cross Fair to skip the year, serious shoppers can still enjoy the Fair’s atmosphere and shop to their heart’s content with the online version of the Fair at https://www.งานกาชาด.com/. In addition to all sorts of products, activities, and livestreamed performances, the 2020 Thai Red Cross Fair is also making its first-ever appearance in Minecraft through a recreation of Lumpini Park within the game – constructed brick by brick by a team of talented builders from King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL).

Minecraft / Thai Red Cross Fair livestream screenshotCome explore the Minecraft version of the Fair and the Park by visiting https://minecraft.งานกาชาด.com/. In addition to the blocky sights to be seen, this Minecraft fair also doubles as a prelude to the Thai Red Cross Society’s upcoming Red Cross Fair Idea Challenge – a competition that tasks students with the mission of building their ideal version of the Fair on top of this Minecraft version. Check out more details on the Challenge at

This year, Microsoft has begun encouraging schools and universities to integrate Minecraft: Education Edition into the classroom. This version of the game is designed specifically to enable and support fun, inventive ways to learn. Teachers and lecturers interested in discovering the potential of Minecraft in the classroom can explore new ideas and possibilities in our online course at

Unfamiliar with Minecraft? Discover the basics on this gaming phenomenon and an infinite playground for endless creativity in our special clip at