CP Axtra Enhances Business and Empowers Employees with Microsoft 365 Copilot AI

Bangkok, July 2, 2024 – CP Axtra has bolstered its leadership in Thailand’s B2B and B2C retail industry for over 35 years by strategically adopting Microsoft 365 Copilot to reinforce organizational agility and empower employees. The move to leverage AI is part of CP Axtra’s goal in becoming the premier retail business in Asia and offering enhanced services to its 4 million registered customers.

Shaun Wong, Group Chief Transformation Officer, CP Axtra PCL, said “We decided to start using Copilot after analyzing the way that our 1,500 employees work each day at the head office. We noticed they spent a lot of time on basic tasks like entering data into Excel, creating presentations with PowerPoint, and managing large amounts of emails in Outlook. It became clear that we needed AI to help with these everyday tasks. Since our team is already familiar with these apps, CP Axtra found that Microsoft 365 Copilot was the best fit for our employees.”

The results have been remarkable: employees can now handle day-to-day tasks more effectively. Microsoft 365 Copilot assists in summarizing meeting discussions, composing emails, and managing critical schedules with just a few clicks. The marketing team in particular has expressed satisfaction with the outcomes, saving time on complex report summaries and focusing on value-added work, such as campaign planning and new strategies.

Tirayu Songvetkasem, Group Chief Digital Officer – Makro Wholesale Business, revealed “Using Copilot isn’t just about implementing automation to reduce repetitive tasks; it’s about transforming how we work and revolutionizing our business operations. Through conversations with employees, we found that they can use Copilot to manage and handle key tasks more comprehensively. It also translates languages quickly and accurately, making it easier for everyone to work in their preferred language.”

Microsoft has provided full support to CP Axtra, enabling 300 employees across various departments to start using Copilot since February. Collaborative efforts have led to the development of best practices and training approaches designed to ensure that employees maximize the benefits of Copilot.

Tirayu added: “We can interact with AI tools in several different ways. By entering a prompt, we can receive responses from the AI that may not always be correct or perfect. By working closely with our early adopters, we can help them to create more effective prompts.”

CP Axtra’s success story exemplifies how Copilot for Microsoft 365 can help drive the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence, which ultimately cements its leadership and competitive advantage. AI not only boosts productivity but also enables deeper insights into customer needs, and CP Axtra is continuing to explore how Copilot and advanced AI solutions can transform work processes, revolutionize business operations, and further build upon the company’s strengths.

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