Aim for the global recognition, Tecomen Group adopts cloud strategy with Microsoft.

Since 2006, the Tecomen Group has specialized in manufacturing, trading, and distributing water purification equipment, household appliances, and healthcare equipment across Southeast Asia. In Vietnam, Tecomen Group is known via its water purifier brand as Karofi. Currently is the largest manufacturer of water purifiers in Southeast Asia, Tecomen Group aims to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of household water purifiers and electrical appliances by 2040.

To achieve its goal, TCM has embarked on a digital transformation—starting with modernizing its business processes through SAP on Azure.

Fast and simple deployment.

With Microsoft’s support and NGS – authorized partner of SAP and Microsoft, Tecomen Group was able to deploy SAP on Azure for six of its companies within 6 months only.

Mr Nguyễn Hoàng Minh, CTO of Tecomen Vietnam was delighted as the deployment of SAP on Azure has saved the company 90% of deployment time, compares to the traditional system.

Cost saving and scalability.

With SAP on Azure, the Tecomen Group has saved up to 1 million USD on hardware investment and server maintenance as before.

Not only that, with the pay-as-you-go scheme, the platform provide flexibility, allow businesses to scale according to demand while putting an ease to the company cashflow.

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Secure and flexible.

It is the commitment towards security and privacy of Microsoft and its cloud platform, evident in reputable recognitions earned through 90 worldwide compliance offerings that was highly valued by the CTO of Tecomen Vietnam. Mr Nguyễn Hoàng Minh shared that this is one of the deciding factor during the decision making process towards the choice of Microsoft Azure.

Not only providing the convenience, saving time and optimize operation, Microsoft Azure also bring in great flexibility to Tecomen group, especially when there is the need for expand and deployment at other regions.

Efficiency for thousands of employees

With the data and business process on the cloud, Tecomen is able to offer seamless working experience to its employees. There are reports that previously could take a few days to finish, now it takes only a few hours.


Moving its business processes on cloud is the first strategic steps of Tecomen’s digital transformation journey. Moving forward, Tecomen is working on machine learning and IoT projects, where Microsoft Azure could potentially be the “total platform” for Tecomen.

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