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Avatars, VR, robots and the future of nursing


The nursing session at Microsoft’s recent Empowering Health event in Brussels, Belgium, brought together a dedicated group of global medical professionals with a real interest in how technology will advance nursing. New technology is already improving workflows and how nurses are able to interact with patients inside the hospital and … Read more »

Microsoft hiring program opens more doors to people with autism


A promising young developer, Schwaneke graduated from of one of the top gaming design schools in the nation. He also has Asperger’s syndrome, a disorder on the autism spectrum. His situation is far from an anomaly. An estimated 80 percent of people with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are unemployed, … Read more »

Take stock of your online habits, practices on Safer Internet Day 2016


Tuesday, Feb. 9 is Safer Internet Day, an international day of action to promote safer, more responsible use of technology and services, particularly among children and young people, writes Jacqueline Beauchere, Microsoft Chief Online Safety Officer. In 2016, as with the last decade-plus of Safer Internet Days, Microsoft is taking … Read more »

Partners: Learn why search engine marketing is so important

Understanding search engine marketing is invaluable for your business; ranking high in search engine results can have a major impact on the number of qualified leads that come to your website, writes Jennifer S. Tomlinson, Microsoft Partner Network senior marketing manager. Four out of five Internet sessions start with a … Read more »

‘Simian Flu’ update infects ‘Plague Inc.’


“Plague Inc.” is spreading a fresh kind of terror with its new “Simian Flu” expansion pack. In partnership with 20th Century Fox, this update is tied into the action from “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes,” and challenges you to handle a global pandemic at the same time a … Read more »