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Why health organizations are embracing cloud analytics


Health organizations are increasingly turning to analytics to help them improve performance and tackle the many challenges they face in patient care, regulations compliance and more. A new blog series will feature the stories of these real-world organizations and how they are getting new insights and empowering staff in ways … Read more »

Skype helps writers co-author book


“Email is amazing, it truly is, but to create this type of emotionally deep story you need to be face-to-face or voice-to-voice – even when you’re on the other side of the world. With Skype chats and calls, our communication wasn’t hindered at all by the fact I was working … Read more »

How to use Windows 10 with both personal and work accounts

Windows has always been great handling multiple user accounts on a PC. But thanks to Azure Active Directory, Windows 10 takes this one step further and allows you to connect your device to both your personal and your enterprise clouds, within the same login session, writes the Azure Directory team. … Read more »

4 ways to bring the world to your students with Skype in the Classroom


Students can learn geography, social studies, history and even languages with Mystery Skype, for example. “Connect with another classroom around the globe and ask 20 questions to guess where the other classroom is located,” the team writes. “This is a great way to promote empathy and understanding of other cultures … Read more »