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5 tips that will pave the way for social selling success

236009_Five tips for social selling success

Among the tips: If you’re about to contact new prospects, take the time to understand their company’s business needs, as well as their personal goals. Use the tools at your disposal to discover where they are in their buying process, as well as what contacts you might have in common. … Read more »

Musical searches: Bing interns create guitar tuner and metronome


Two Microsoft interns have created two tools for musicians everywhere: a guitar tuner and metronome. Thanks to their efforts, Bing now provides a tuner on your phone, tablet or desktop. It features many of the commonly used tuning settings, along with auto replay of sounds. Once you’re in tune, try the metronome to … Read more »

10 things you may not know you can do on Windows Phone 8.1


Among them: The preinstalled Cortana personal digital assistant can lend an ear to recognize the song that’s playing in the background. “All you need to do is select Cortana, touch the music icon at the top, and wait as Cortana analyzes the sounds,” Fraser writes. “Once recognized, you can purchase … Read more »

Someone call the healthcare industry an Uber


Smell that? There’s disruption in the air. In a few short years, companies like Uber, Airbnb, Amazon and Netflix have changed the way we catch rides, travel, shop and consume entertainment. Those companies and many others have enabled new business models that have turned their industries upside down, whether by … Read more »