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Daydreams and dinocats: Superstar vloggers collaborate on Skype


Millions of students are headed back to class, bringing with them backpacks and books, daydreams and imaginative doodles in the margins of crisp, lined paper. To tap into this unfettered back-to-school energy, Skype challenged some uniquely creative minds to collaborate on an imaginative video project. … Read more »

Webtrends content pack for Power BI helps deliver customer insights


The Webtrends content pack for Power BI helps users monitor, analyze and visualize Webtrends’ customer data with Power BI’s dashboard and reporting tools for greater marketing success. Users can quickly track customer insights across Web, social, mobile and SharePoint channels. To learn more, go to the Power BI blog. … Read more »

New curriculum helps teens and teachers get into coding


Microsoft has launched a new computer science curriculum designed for teens who may not have expressed much interest in coding and teachers who may not have much background in the field. The curriculum, called Creative Coding Through Games And Apps, is free for educators. It uses Microsoft Touch Develop, a … Read more »

Bing Ads for Android now available


Bing Ads for Android is now available as an option for advertisers to manage campaigns while they’re on the go. Like the Bing Ads iOS app, it has information such as performance of accounts, campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords. With the app, it’s also possible to monitor multiple performance … Read more »