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How data visualization can help the modern finance leader


CFOs and finance leaders have more data available to them than ever before, bringing huge opportunities for those who harness it to improve the speed and accuracy of decision-making, writes Umran Hasan on the Microsoft Dynamics Blog. The future of successful data visualization starts with end-to-end visualization by establishing a … Read more »

Office 365 email filtering service provides more protection against hackers


Office 365 – which already provides robust email protection against spam, viruses and malware – also has an email filtering service, Advanced Threat Protection, which provides additional protection against increasingly sophisticated attacks. Advanced Threat Protection includes real-time, time-of-click protection against malicious URLs, rich reporting and URL trace capabilities. … Read more »

3 ways Excel 2016 charts can help drive business decisions


Excel 2016 charts are powerful tools for analyzing and visualizing data. Office Blogs describes how to use three of the charts to drive business decisions and offers a peek at a new chart type – the Funnel – coming soon to Office 365 subscribers. Excel’s Waterfall chart can help visualize … Read more »

Everyone can (and will) code in the cloud

The second era of cloud platforms is upon us, and that’s great news for your business, writes James Staten, chief strategist of Cloud + Enterprise. Why? Because the new generation of platforms doesn’t require any highly specialized skillsets – i.e., DevOps – to build apps in the cloud. The traditional … Read more »