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Waterlogue turns your images into works of art


Your next masterpiece is a tap away with Waterlogue, an app that turns your images into luminous works of art. Customize your image by controlling the color and pen outlines, and create images evocative of watercolor paintings worth sharing and framing. … Read more »

Visionary Award for Big Data & Insights goes to JJ Food Service


JJ Food Service is this year’s winner in the “Big Data & Insights” category of the Visionary Awards, which recognize Microsoft customers that achieved notable accomplishments with their Microsoft solutions. Founded in 1989, JJ Food Service has grown to become the largest independent food distributor in the UK. … Read more »

Azure ExpressRoute now connects to CRM Online

Dynamics CRM Online customers are now able to use Azure ExpressRoute to establish a private, managed connection to CRM Online, it was announced Tuesday. In the past, ExpressRoute provided customers with dedicated network connectivity through a private connection from their network to Azure. Now Microsoft is extending the same option … Read more »

Microsoft HoloLens launches ‘Share Your Idea’ campaign


The HoloLens team will pick three of the most popular ideas and let the community vote on which experience the team will build and release. When thinking of potential holographic apps, consider such factors as world coordinates, interaction and spatial sound and mapping, writes the Microsoft HoloLens Team. … Read more »

Microsoft Azure IoT Suite predictive maintenance is now available


At Convergence EMEA, Microsoft announced the availability of Microsoft Azure IoT Suite predictive maintenance, one of the top requested solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT). The preconfigured solutions can help businesses identify warning signs of potential problems, predict when equipment needs maintenance and work on the equipment before problems … Read more »