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Battle evil and save humanity in ‘Overkill 3,’ new for Windows


Lead the Resistance, battle evil and save humanity in “Overkill 3,” a thrilling, third-person shooter game that just launched for Windows. The cinematic game takes place in a dark future controlled by evil Faction forces, and it’s up to you to stop them with weapons including shotguns, sniper rifles and … Read more »

Office Lens Android scanner app now available at Google Play Store


Introduced for Windows Phone in 2014 and the iPhone last month, Office Lens is a handy, extremely popular scanner app that recognizes the corners of a document, whiteboard, electronic screen or any rectangular media and automatically crops, straightens, enhances and cleans up the image. Users have praised the app’s clean … Read more »

Free ‘Election Modernization’ webinar May 28 on how advanced technology improves voters’ experiences

“Secure, transparent and accessible information technology is gradually transforming the elections process,” Nelson says, citing Scytl ePollBook, a solution developed by Microsoft partner Scytl, a worldwide leader in secure electronic voting. “Built on top of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft SQL Server using standard Windows tablets, Scytl ePollBook solves many Election … Read more »

Be sure to avoid the ‘Microsoft Lottery’ scam

They have different names: “Annual Lottery Promotions,” “Nokia Lumia Smartphone Promotions,” “March 2015 Lottery Promotions” and the “Microsoft Lottery.” But they all have one thing in common: They’re scams. They come as an email saying you’ve won $500,000, or another large amount, in a lottery and that you need to … Read more »

Dolby Audio brings high-performance sound to Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge now includes HTML5, MSE and EME support for Dolby Audio, to give Web apps and sites the richest, most compelling media experiences with Windows 10. Microsoft Edge is also the first browser to include support for Dolby Digital Plus, a multi-channel audio format that delivers crisp, clear sound … Read more »