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Unlocking the power of the group with Surface Hub

Collaboration is key to innovation in the 21st century. Thanks to technology, we are now able to build bolder visions and take bigger strides. At the same time, the digital era is highly disrupted and we face complex issues such as increasingly dispersed teams. Thriving in this age of disruption … Read more »

Strategies to build your cybersecurity posture

“You clicked on an infected message…” In my prior life of managing an enterprise email environment, I started thousands of messages with that response to the victims of the infamous “love bug” email. Looking back, this was a simple task compared to what we now face. Over the past 20 … Read more »

Steward for the environment: Prashant Gupta

In India, where a multi-year drought has affected more than 300 million people, Prashant Gupta is using technology to help farmers figure out the best times to sow crops. He is one of the many Microsoft employees for whom every day is Earth Day, as they work towards embodying Microsoft’s longstanding commitment to … Read more »

Envisioning a digital world for all

“For people with special needs like me, the digital world is an avenue for us to be able to lead a fulfilling life,” said Rhea Guntalilib, a 28-year-old programmer at Smart Communications Inc. 10 years ago, Rhea was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosu (SLE). Then 17, she was going to … Read more »