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Top five governmental challenges of modern cities


All around the world, governments are trying to answer the question of how to empower cities to put people first – whether optimising infrastructure, improving access to city services, or becoming ‘greener’, more energy-efficient places to live. In partnership with Microsoft, many of these governments now have success stories to … Read more »

Electric-car-sharing program cuts transportation costs by 90%


The Autolib’ organisation, an electric-car-sharing program established by the city of Paris and 63 surrounding municipalities, has allowed former car owners to reduce their transportation costs by 90 per cent annually, as reported in this whitepaper. In addition to the cost savings, the organisation aims to relieve traffic congestion, reduce … Read more »

Five key areas where your city could be safer


Increasingly dense urban environments may offer new opportunities, but also come with risks to public safety – from petty crimes to homicides to terrorism. Natural disasters are also an ever-present risk, challenging governments to coordinate relief efforts and keep people informed while coping with shrinking resources. To ensure safer communities, … Read more »

Building a scaleable educational vision


Schools are under a lot of pressure to deliver short term academic results – but what they need to focus on is delivering on a longterm vision. Short term priorities can lead to ineffective investment in gadget giveaways to students, which may grab news headlines, but are less likely to … Read more »

Singapore partners Microsoft for government-wide data platform


Singapore’s research agency partnered with Microsoft to build a whole-of-government system that will ease sharing of data between agencies, as part of the government’s Smart Nation drive. A*STAR’s Institute for Infocomm Research signed a deal with the firm recently to build a common framework for how agencies will structure their … Read more »

Flight to quality and trust

John Galligan, Regional Director, Government Relations, Microsoft Asia Pacific, sharing with media at the Cyber Trust Experience held in Singapore about Microsoft’s commitment to building trust in technology.

Four megatrends – Mobility, Social, Cloud, and Big Data – are transforming the way people live and go about their daily activities. However, people will not use technology they do not trust, especially important in a mobile-first and cloud-first world. In fact, trust is still among the top-three barriers to … Read more »