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New innovations at Microsoft Build 2017: Helping developers achieve more

More than ever, organizations are relying on developers to create breakthrough experiences. From start-ups to enterprises to government agencies, developers are creating new digital experiences that are redefining organizations to empower us all. The cloud is a key enabler for this era, bringing powerful, new technology to developers across the … Read more »

Microsoft announces new tools and services to help developers modernize existing apps and build more intelligent ones, on every platform, for every platform

Satya Nadella, Scott Guthrie and Harry Shum welcomed thousands of developers to Seattle for Build 2017 — Microsoft’s annual developer conference. During his opening keynote Nadella announced that Windows had reached 500 million Windows 10 monthly active devices and noted how — together — Windows, Microsoft Office and Microsoft Azure … Read more »

Microsoft is teaching systems to read, answer and even ask questions

Microsoft researchers have already created technology that can do two difficult tasks about as well as a person: identify images and recognize words in a conversation. Now, the company’s leading AI experts are working on systems that can do something even more complex: Read passages of text and answer questions … Read more »

Future of the patient journey in Asia

By 2020, a million new devices will be online every single hour. These devices comprise not just consumer devices like mobile phones and tablets but also devices such as sensors and intelligent buildings that are connected online. Additionally, in under ten years, 60 percent of computing will be in the … Read more »

Oyanagi Construction and Microsoft Japan partner on “Holostruction” project using Microsoft HoloLens

Oyanagi Construction Co., Ltd. and Microsoft Japan have partnered on Holostruction, a project that will make use of Microsoft HoloLens, the world’s first self-contained Windows 10-powered holographic computer. Oyanagi Construction is working with Microsoft Japan to develop concept models for improving the efficiency of construction industry planning, works implementation and … Read more »