Advisorybay joining the Mirosoft for Startups Program


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With advisorybay’s official launch in January 2020 the digital marketplace offers an efficient way to work with  consulting experts with deep industry and business know-how.

The Zurich based startup offers access to a large community of management consultants and experts who can be efficiently booked for a period of time to solve burning business challengesThis allows for a simple and flexible solution to address knowledge or capacity gaps in companies.  

With their fully digital business model advisorybay addresses the pain of having to go through complex and time-consuming processes to hire consulting services. With their end-to-end solution, business customers and consultants can handle all steps from hiring, collaboration, project tracking to payment all on the platform.  

In 2020 advisorybay joined the Microsoft for Startups Program and is supported by the Swiss subsidiary. In addition to technical support, the program also provides startups access to the know-how and experience of Microsoft’s global partner organization. Advisorybay is currently migration its platform to Microsoft Azure, giving the startup access to state-of-the-art technologies such as the “cognitive services” and enable next generation  product and service features. In addition, aspects such as data protection and cyber security are guaranteed.  

Andrew Reid, Partner Development Lead Microsoft Switzerland, about the partnership: “We believe in the potential of advisorybay and are pleased that they have decided to become part of our program. We are excited to further develop the business model together and position it in the market”. André Schwaninger, CEO advisorybay, also comments on the partnership: “We benefit from getting access to the powerful Azure Services and Office 356 collaboration suite and to Microsoft’s partner and customer ecosystem. These are important success factors for the growth of our company. We look forward to continuing our collaboration”.



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