Adresta raises security in the watch industry with Microsoft’s support

The ETH spin-off Adresta creates digital twins for high-end watches to make the market more secure. By joining the Microsoft for Startups program, the company strengthens its go-to-market and joint-selling opportunities.

Adresta is changing the way people experience luxury products – starting with Swiss watches. The Zurich-based startup builds digital twins of watches that include all relevant information. Ultimately, this allows the owners to prove the purchase of a genuine watch and creates a more secure and trustworthy secondary market. To achieve this, Adresta provides an extensive solution for manufacturers and retailers to issue digital certificates. Moreover, brands can attach documents instead of printing them out and communicate with the owners directly through Adresta’s native app.

With the owners at the center of Adresta’s solution, their app provides a broad range of services – including ecosystem partners like insurance provided by the Helvetia Insurance group. Additionally, the application also allows the owner to store all their documents secured in one place. Hence, the digital twin is enriched with information along its lifecycle, which will be particularly essential for the secondary market and for building the fundament for further integrations with banks, insurance, or other services. While the company is based in the Swiss watch industry, it also aims to build up traction and experience in other luxury supply chains.

Common mission for more security and trust

By joining the Microsoft for Startups program, Adresta can scale its solution securely on the Azure Cloud. “Having Microsoft’s support is extremely valuable for us. This cooperation helps us to enhance our go-to-market strategy and joint-selling opportunities to onboard new players from the luxury industry. Being part of the program also allows us to collaborate with Microsoft’s experts to advance our competencies in Blockchain Technology and Machine Learning,” says Mathew Chittazhathu, CEO of Adresta.

Trust and security are also strongly aligned with Microsoft’s mission. “Our aim is not only to make our own products trusted and secure, but also enabling others to do the same. For this reason, we are happy to support Adresta on their journey to improve security, transparency, and trustworthiness in the luxury industry,” says Tim Moser, Project Manager of Microsoft for Startups Switzerland. Meanwhile, the Adresta team is looking for further ecosystem partners, willing to change the way people experience luxury products by building digital twins.

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