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Two people looking at the screen of a Microsoft Surface laptop and learning about the Microsoft for Startups programHey you,
Welcome and great to have you here! 
At these times it is human nature to think about how did we get here – but the more important question is, what is the opportunity that presents itself at this time of change?
And how can we help? Follow these two easy steps to become part of the Microsoft for Startups community:
  1. Reach out to us via [email protected] to get in touch with the Swiss team.
  2. Self-apply through Founders Hub here.

Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub Program

From technical resources and free cloud, to selling alongside Microsoft salespeople and partner channel Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub brings people, knowledge, and technology together to help founders at every stage solve startup challenges.


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Here are a few of the benefits available to Microsoft for Startups program members.

  • Build your startup on Azure: Develop at your own pace with up to $150,000 in Azure credits, redeemable over time.
  • Build quickly and run more efficiently with free access to Microsoft tools and platforms, such as Microsoft 365, Microsoft Power Platform, PowerBI, GitHub, Visual Studio…
  • Infuse generative AI into your product through access to production-ready Azure OpenAI Service offerings, OpenAI credits, and dedicated readiness opportunities
  • Benefit from a growing list of partner offers: Miro, Ansarada, Stripe, LinkedIn…
  • Technical advisory and Azure consulting
  • Support by dedicated Microsoft Switzerland mentors
  • Access to an extensive network of experts and mentors from Microsoft worldwide
  • Support with Microsoft marketplace onboarding and access to Microsoft customer base
  • A vibrant community of startups that meets during dedicated in-person events and office hours

To learn more about how you can profit from the Microsoft for Startups program, check out this link. You can also get started with your technical skilling here.

Swiss Startups

Get to know some of the Swiss Startups in the program

  • Decentriq
    Decentriq is the neutral ground for secure data collaborations. Their SaaS data clean rooms enable companies to collaborate on their most sensitive datasets and create value for their customers, and are built on Microsoft Azure Confidential Computing. Read more
  • Virtuosis 
    Virtuosis‹ AI tool analyses a speaker’s voice to create a scientifically valid and de-biased profile with recommendations for improving communication and collaboration skills. By analyzing behavior, tracking stress levels, and detecting conflicts, the tool creates a context for health and better collaboration. Virtuosis are also the recipients of Microsoft Switzerland Startup of the Year 2023 award. Read more
  • Unique
    Unique helps to build better client relationships and automates routine tasks. Unique FinanceGPT is a tailored solution for the financial industry that aims to increase productivity by automating manual workload through AI and ChatGPT solutions to provide client advisors with augmented assistance, coaching and useful analytics. Read more
  • neustark
    neustark specializes in fossilizing atmospheric CO2 in recycled concrete. The company received support as part of the Microsoft for Startups program and uses cloud services such as Azure, Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365. In addition, Microsoft announced a carbon removal collaboration with neustark in the context of its annual sustainability report. Read more
  • ClearSpace
    ClearSpace became a member of the exclusive Microsoft Global Social Entrepreneurship Program. Microsoft’s jury was impressed and enthusiastic about the Team based in Ecublens, that is committed to capture and remove non-functioning or unresponsive satellites in space to free up the orbit for future operations and reducing risks of collision. Read more

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Get in touch!

Meet the Swiss Team – we’re eager to hear from you!

Giovanna – Have a chat with her on the Microsoft for Startups Switzerland community and upcoming events
Maruscha – Ask her questions about Microsoft’s corporate partnerships
Tim – Contact him about everything that is connected to the program benefits or if you wish to apply

Just write us an email to [email protected].

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