Groupe Mutuel uses Dynamics 365, Power Platform and Azure from the Microsoft Cloud in Switzerland


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Groupe Mutuel is a leading insurer in Switzerland and active in occupational pension plans (BVG), life insurance and corporate insurance. The company now uses Microsoft Azure, Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform in its digital transformation process.

In order to position itself even better in the dynamic insurance environment and the healthcare sector, which is in a state of upheaval, Groupe Mutuel is undergoing a digital transformation process that is anchored in its overall strategy and entails changes in the organization, culture, working methods and IT. Groupe Mutuel’s stated goal: to increasingly put the customer at the center of all the group’s activities. “The key question for us is how we can meet our customers’ expectations even better,” explains Pierre Maroye, Strategic Project Manager of Groupe Mutuel. “That’s why we want to digitally map the entire administrative and commercial customer journey. We use the data provided by the customer in a meaningful and responsible way to identify customer needs and learn from them, whether to provide better customer service or to develop services and products that meet needs.”

Groupe Mutuel now uses Microsoft Azure, Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform from Microsoft Cloud’s Swiss data centers. The platform decision is based on the company’s strategy to offer their employees integrated and collaborative tools that leverage the Microsoft ecosystem. “Thanks to Microsoft Cloud’s local data storage in Switzerland, we are now able to use cloud technology that is modern and future-proof, but also fully complies with our strict data protection, security and privacy requirements,” says Maroye. This is especially important, Maroye stresses, because handling customer data requires enormous care: “Security and privacy protection are among our ironclad principles, where we will not compromise. Therefore, the data stored in the Microsoft cloud will only concern the administrative and commercial records of our customers. Information related to the medical and contractual aspects of our policyholders will continue to be stored on Groupe Mutuel servers.”

“Using the Microsoft Cloud in Switzerland will allow us to ensure the quality and accuracy of the data,” Maroye explains. “In addition, the cloud will allow us to act faster and more flexibly, and to test new ideas.” Groupe Mutuel intends to continue on this path. The plan is to use other technologies from the Microsoft Cloud in the future, for example to automate certain processes, or to further deepen the dialog with customers. And cooperation with other companies and organizations is also to be expanded step by step, according to Maroye: “We want to use Microsoft’s large ecosystem for new collaborations to make our offering even more attractive to customers.”

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