Leonteq and Glarner Kantonalbank modernize 3rd pillar investments with Dynamics 365 and Azure

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Leonteq is a Swiss fintech company that offers derivative investment products based on modern technology and helps insurance companies and banks produce long-term savings and retirement solutions. In its collaboration with Glarner Kantonalbank, the company relies on Microsoft’s cloud technology and local data centers, among other technologies, to do so.

Leonteq has built its platform using the latest technology and programming languages and based on an advanced IT architecture. “The service architecture enables a decoupled, flexible application landscape and is focused on the organization-wide automation of work processes,” says Michael Frei, Head of Partner Platforms at Leonteq.

Therefore, it was clear to the Swiss company that it would rely exclusively on the cloud for the development of a new, purely digital 3rd pillar pension solution in collaboration with Glarner Kantonalbank. Frei explains: “This step gives us the necessary scalability and flexibility. This means we can focus on our core business – the development and implementation of innovative product concepts – rather than the infrastructure required for this.” In the solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365 stands as a bridge between the individual components and as the hub of customer interactions. In addition, several Azure services are used.

In Leonteq’s industry, customers and regulators have the highest requirements for data security – especially for client identifying data (CID). “The use of services in the cloud is associated with legal and regulatory challenges in this regard,” Frei said. “Microsoft’s assistance with the clarifications was a great help.”

In particular, local data storage in Switzerland was an important requirement for the company. “Thanks to the collaboration with Microsoft, we can draw on existing and established solutions in this field instead of inventing them ourselves. This allows us to use our innovative power in a more targeted way,” says Frei.

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