Microsoft Envision and Ignite: A true showcase of innovation and leadership in Switzerland

Catrin Hinkel at Microsoft Ignite Spotlight on Switzerland

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On March 8th and 9th, 2023, Microsoft Switzerland hosted two events for around 2’000 business leaders and developers: Microsoft Envision Switzerland and Microsoft Ignite Spotlight on Switzerland. The events were held at Kongresshaus Zürich and featured keynote speeches, breakout sessions, ask-the-expert panels, and connection zones to inspire and empower attendees with the latest innovations in business and technology, as well as to foster a dialogue on how to use them responsibly and ethically.

Microsoft Envision is designed for senior business leaders who want to learn how to drive digital transformation and sustainable growth in their organizations. One of the keynote speakers was Catrin Hinkel, CEO of Microsoft Switzerland, who highlighted Switzerland’s innovation leadership and potential to be a leader in AI. She also shared how Microsoft supports its customers and partners in Switzerland with local data centers, skills initiatives, community platforms, and responsible AI standards.

“Switzerland is exceptionally positioned to lead how new technologies like AI can transform businesses and solve some of society’s most pressing challenges,” Catrin Hinkel said. “Together with our partners and customers, we are committed to delivering the innovation and digital acceleration that drives broad economic growth, while ensuring a more inclusive, sustainable, and trusted future for everyone in Switzerland. We have been doing so for more than 30 years.”

Kathleen Mitford, CVP of Microsoft Azure Marketing, gave an overview of the latest trends around digital cloud transformation and AI. The event also offered various breakout tracks on topics such as innovation with startups, customer and employee experience, and cybersecurity. Adam S. Goldberg, Head of Azure Enablement at OpenAI, concluded the event with a keynote on the latest trends in AI and how to build new business models with large language models such as ChatGPT.

First Microsoft Ignite hosted in Switzerland

Microsoft Ignite is tailored for developers who are eager to explore new tools, platforms, and resources for building innovative solutions. It was the first ever local edition of the global conference. Catrin Hinkel kicked off the day addressing the audience through emphasizing the importance of technology development as a solution to many challenges in the world. She also shared her personal experience with using AI and encouraged developers to be curious and engage in an open dialogue about new technologies.

The event also featured Julia Liuson, President of the Microsoft Developer Division who talked about the future of software development and how developers can accelerate innovation with the cloud developer platform of Azure and GitHub. The event also offered 24 breakout sessions on topics such as data-driven optimization with Azure, efficiency with AI, automation across businesses, empowering people to work in new ways while protecting everything, everyone, everywhere with comprehensive security.

Both events showcased some of the most innovative projects and solutions from Microsoft’s customers and partners in Switzerland across various industries such as financial services, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, including customers and partners like ABB, Axpo, Kantonsspital Baden, UBS and many more.

Both events were very well received by around 2’000 attendees who expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to learn from Microsoft’s experts, connect with peers, network with industry leaders, and discuss the latest trends around technology innovations.

Photos of the two events can be found here.

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