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“TechYourFuture” is for young people who have a passion for technology but no IT degree. An initiative powered by Microsoft, that gives them the opportunity to acquire cutting-edge digital skills by combining education with paid work in large companies.

Eurobank and PwC are the first organisations to adopt “TechYourFuture” and to actively support digital empowerment for the next generation.


What is the “TechYourFuture” initiative?

The modern labor market is transforming at the same pace as technology itself is evolving and developing. Young people at the beginning of their careers realize that they have a growing need for digital technology skills not only to meet the demands of their jobs, but to achieve more and grow professionally.

To empower the next generation with modern digital skills and support young people with equal opportunities for work and career development, Microsoft is creating the “TechYourFuture” initiative.

The Initiative offers training and learning of digital skills and tools with parallel work, in technology positions, alongside professionals. Participants in the program have the opportunity to specialize in a range of new digital subjects and tools while being paid, being part of the workforce of the companies that actively support the initiative.

Interested parties have the opportunity to participate by expressing their interest in one of the two available programs.

You can benefit:

  • by gaining new knowledge and familiarity with innovative digital tools that help you deliver solutions to your work and your team
  • by obtaining recognized certifications that enrich your CV and create even more prospects for your future
  • by gaining paid work experience in large companies in Greece, from your first professional step
  • by establishing collaborations and gaining networking opportunities with established professionals in cutting-edge sectors of the Greek economy

You can participate if:

  • you are a young person from all over Greece.
  • you are a graduate of a university not related to Information and Communication Technologies.
  • you have 0-2 years of work experience


Are you interested?

  • Choose one of the available programs.
  • Follow the procedure, as described in the Company links, to express your interest and fill in your application

Available programs



What kind of knowledge, skills and competences will I acquire, and with which technologies will I become familiar?

Μέσα από την εμπειρία της συμμετοχής σας στο Tech Your Future θα μπορέσετε να:

Through the experience of participating in “TechYourFuture” you will be able to:

  1. Gain innovative insights into the connection between technology and financial services, from the basic principles and regulations that underpin its operation to its digital transformation in today’s technological environment.
  2. Upgrade your digital skills by learning how to use Microsoft cloud computing, data analytics and artificial intelligence technologies to properly operate, manage, control and protect financial institutions.
  3. Deepen your understanding of machine learning, cybersecurity and data protection through training on modern international standards, gaining professional skills in auditing, risk management, and IT Governance.

What kind of certifications will I acquire?

You will acquire international certifications across the range of knowledge and skills you will be trained in. More specifically:

  1. Certifications include Microsoft cloud technologies, databases and AI, as well as the data analysis tools such as Power BI that you will be able to use during the program.
  2. In addition, certifications in information technology management, digital data protection and compliance, as well as those related to standards and control frameworks such as ISO, COBIT and NIST are included.
  3. Finally, you will enhance your expertise with additional certifications in cybersecurity, risk assessment in the use of information technology and ISACA’s Certified Information Systems Auditor.

What kind of jobs are offered through the Initiative’s programs?

More information about the available jobs can be found at the relevant links of the two Companies.

What are the selection criteria for beneficiaries

Each company describes the position, the process and the selection criteria in the relevant link. The company is responsible for the selection of the beneficiaries.

How long does the program last? Is it fully paid?

The training and parallel work experience for each beneficiary lasts 2 years and is fully paid.

Is there someone I can contact if I have additional questions?

Of course! If you have any further questions or need clarifications about “TechYourFuture”, please contact the respective PwC and Eurobank emails which can be found on the above websites of the two companies, depending on the company you are interested in applying to.

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