Introducing the Microsoft Australia Blog

Welcome to the Big Picture Blog!

The one thing that struck me about Microsoft when I first joined the company a few years back was its proud heritage of blogging. And not just corporate blogging either. It seemed like every employee had a blog and an opinion on just about everything to do with Microsoft and the industry. I loved that the internet had given so many people the power of a voice to the world.

We’re really excited to be building on this heritage by introducing Microsoft Australia’s first business wide blog. Blogging is something that our colleagues in HQ do really well.  Nearly every major division has an official blog which serves as the nexus for the conversations that spring up about products, features, issues and news relevant to that group and the audiences who care about it. We’ve often looked at these blogs and wanted to do the same for Australia.

Today, we are. With the introduction of The Big Picture Blog, we’re creating a place where we’ll add an Australian voice on news, topics and issues that are relevant to Microsoft, our customers and partners and to the technology industry more broadly.

This blog is designed to provide a unified voice from Microsoft Australia, and eventually it will contain perspectives by a variety of authors from across our entire business. It complements the existing Australian News Centre site, which is primarily a hub for traditional media releases.

While we find our feet, we’re not enabling comments on the blog. Once we’re in a steady rhythm, we intend to enable comments to foster a greater dialogue with our readers.

We’re initially aiming to publishing up to several posts a fortnight but I’m sure we’ll be fighting authors off within a couple of months’ time!

Don’t forget to subscribe to the RSS feed if you would like regular updates.

You can always contact us at [email protected] with any comments or feedback that you have.


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