Prince Alfred College plans for the future with Windows 8

College to set up students for ‘life after school’ with Windows 8 roll-out

Sydney, AUSTRALIA – 30 July, 2013 – Students at South Australia’s Prince Alfred College are getting a head start on life in the workforce through the uptake of Windows 8 on devices throughout the college after it revealed the college has commenced upgrading existing computers to Windows 8, aiming to have a fully integrated Windows 8 offering by the middle of 2013.

“With over 90% of all businesses relying upon staff using computers as part of their job, our students need to be prepared with touch based technologies and Microsoft software. By embracing Windows 8 now, we’re preparing our students for life after school by putting the technologies in their hands and guiding them along the right path,” stated Rob Sieben, director of ICT at the college.

Microsoft’s collaboration with Prince Alfred College is changing the way students interact and engage in the classroom; supporting individual academic needs by providing both laptop and tablet capabilities in the one device. With nearly every academic subject requiring the use of technology, students are able to move between classrooms with fewer books and better resources at their fingertips.

This allows students to continue with traditional education practices, whilst embracing and developing applications through the Windows Store. The college is able to use the Windows 8 devices to develop and purchase apps which complement students learning needs with direct and immediate feedback from teachers. It also allows teachers to see who has completed their work, and when it was done.

The college embraced the Windows 8 technology following a special presentation by the Worldwide President of Education at Microsoft, Anthony Salcito, who spoke to the Middle School of the college via Skype. During the presentation, he demonstrated new Windows 8 devices and Windows Apps, followed by a live Q&A.

When asked about the rationale behind choosing Windows 8, Mr Sieben said: “When we decided to upgrade our college’s IT devices, we had already gone some way in our research with a competing provider, before deciding that touch technologies would be integral to learning in the 21st Century. Anthony’s presentation really struck a chord, as it endorsed our earlier decisions and showed us that Windows 8 would give us all the tools we need, on one device, in one environment.”

“We’re excited about the option for app-based technologies at the college,” he continued. “We know that the smart phone and tablet have impacted heavily on our lives over the past five years and Microsoft has provided an opportunity to combine the ‘best of both worlds’ with the new devices. Windows provides our students and staff with the opportunity to run both singular and multiple functions with one touch; it’s a logical choice as students will inevitably have to move from apps to programs. Windows 8 covers all elements of their education.”

The College also runs an Early Learning Centre, and through the Lighthouse Schools program with Samsung, provides the children access to Windows 8 devices. It provides an excellent study on early learning behaviour of children from as young as 2 years of age, to help determine where the transition from app-based to program-based learning occurs.

The close monitoring of all of its students’ academic progress through the use of smart technology, has given the college a better understanding of the role of innovative educational programs in the learning cycle of students.

Microsoft Australia’s Academic Programs Manager, Sean Tierney, said: “We are continually hearing from schools that single use apps on tablets aren’t enough for true teaching and learning to prepare students for their future. Windows 8 offers students the opportunity to not only consume, but create content all on the one device – an extremely exciting proposition for all students and educators.”


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