The Internet of Your Things: Advantech – Image Gallery

Advantech is a systems integrator – across hardware, software, embedded systems, and global logistics support – focussed on proving automated and embedded products empowering smarter working.

At Microsoft’s Internet of Your Things event, Advantech showcased its ARK-1122 series of devices, which are palm-sized intelligent systems delivering improved computing and graphic performance with additional display interfaces with reduced power consumption. The ARK-1122H is suited for commercial digital signage applications, such as a bank queuing system required to show updated numbers along with broadcasting videos; the C-series is designed for applications that need to connect with more peripheral devices, including parking facility management systems; and the F-series enabling traffic applications to communicate with mobile vehicles, like a bus arrival prediction system. Advantech partnered with Microsoft as it complimented and strengthened its portfolio of products and provides a strong and clear message of the direction the world is going.

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