Office 365 for Nonprofits trial now available in Australia

As the needs of communities expand exponentially in Australia and technology advancements accelerate with increasing speed, we’re taking a new step forward to help nonprofits and NGOs more easily harness the power of technology to do more good.

Microsoft Australia is committed to expanding our software donation program to include Office 365 (called Office 365 for Nonprofits). Office 365 for Nonprofits enables qualifying organisations to access Office 365 either free of charge or at highly discounted rates, depending on eligibility.

Today, we’re taking the first step towards general availability by introducing a trial version of Office 365 for Nonprofits.Eligible organisations that sign up for trial will be automatically extended on a month to month basis until the service is generally available in Australia.

Office 365 for Nonprofits enables Australian community organisations to spend fewer resources and time on IT, focus on their missions and be more effective and efficient in the work they do. It provides nonprofits and NGOs with access to Microsoft’s always up-to-date Office cloud service, tailored to the needs of nonprofits through the following benefits:

  • Ability to access information from virtually anywhere. Office 365 for Nonprofits increases an organisation’s ability to work from virtually anywhere with access to documents and files from Office applications optimised for use across PCs, smartphones and tablets.
  • Easy collaboration. Nonprofits are able to work together easily across an organisation by using familiar Office applications with email, shared calendar, document sharing and videoconferencing.
  • Easy IT implementation. Office 365 for Nonprofits includes access to easy-to-use administrative controls and the ability to install Office without uninstalling previous versions.
  • Reliability and up-to-date technology. Office 365 for Nonprofits allows organisations to spend less time on IT maintenance, while providing access to always up-to-date technology that is simple and easy to use. And Office 365 for Nonprofits is backed by industry-leading security features and a 99.9 percent financially backed uptime guarantee.

Australia Nonprofits can learn more, check their eligibility, and apply for a donation by visiting

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