Innovate or Die – reinvent yourself for ongoing success

Fallon Cryer, Marketing, Microsoft Dynamics

There has been a common theme to many of the discussions I have been having with customers lately around the challenges for enterprises to manage the demands of today’s global marketplace. Companies are being forced to blow up their traditional processes and reinvent themselves as more agile organisations. And those that don’t adapt? Well, they risk being left behind or in some cases, failing completely.

As renowned author and columnist Ekaterina Walter explained in the premiere episode of Modern Workplace, the lifespan of Fortune 500 companies is shrinking rapidly. Fortune 500 companies used to dominate markets for 70 years: that lifespan is now closer to 15 years. Why? Failure to adapt.

For companies to succeed with any staying power, they need to break down siloes and create more connectivity within their walls. Empower their employees to make bold decisions. Encourage teams to take risks… and even to fail, but fail fast and adapt. Perhaps hardest of all, be prepared to set legacy systems aside to inspire greater creativity and innovation.

Companies like Deckers Brands and Helly Hansen are doing just that. They are changing the culture of their organisations to inspire and reward innovation, and grounding their businesses in the right technology to fuel creativity. Helly Hansen, for example, adopted Office 365 to improve collaboration and increase efficiencies, freeing up their teams to focus on more strategic projects.

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