The Countdown is on until World Education Games – have you registered yet?

0136DSC_7104Travis Smith, National Education Specialist at Microsoft Australia

Technology is undeniably changing the world as we know it – and the classroom is the perfect example. Learning now has the opportunity to be engaging, collaborative, and most importantly fun.

Remember the days of dreaded homework, pouring over maths sums in your exercise book at the kitchen table? Kids today have an abundance of educational tools at their fingertips, which we never would have even dreamt of 20 years ago.

3P Learning is an organisation that is passionate about both technology and education – leading the way in online education resources, with a focus on three key subject areas including Maths, Science and English.

One of 3P’s most popular apps – Mathletics – is a curriculum-linked program, targeting students in terms of engaging them in their learning and getting them passionate about maths. Students have the choice to either compete against peers in their class, the wider school, or they can choose to compete against other students from around the world.

A much anticipated date in the education calendar is the World Education Games (WEG), a global event hosted by 3P Learning. Kicking off on October 13, through to October 15, the event spans 96 hours, with more than five million students from around the world.

To kick off 2015 festivities, WEG have recently selected its five Australian ambassadors, selected to represent their school and Australia on the world stage. Students were selected for their passion and enthusiasm towards learning.

WEG Australian Ambassadors:

  • Kalliopi Chamogeorgos: Western Australia
  • Remi Long: Queensland
  • Mariam Kashif: New South Wales
  • Tristan Goldburg: Victoria
  • Ursula Harris: Tasmania

Just last week, the ambassadors were flown to Sydney from across the country to spread the word about the games to fellow students.

Microsoft Australia is a proud sponsor of the 3P World Education Games and we’re excited to be a part of the 2015 games, and we encourage kids from all over Australia to register online and join in the fun.

2015 is expected to be the biggest year yet! All students can sign up for free and winning students and schools will be awarded with medals and trophies at an event in Sydney in November.

To find out more and to sign up visit:

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